crimson skies & dirty chais: an autumn + winter 2017 playlist

Hey friends! Can you believe it's been three whole years since I've updated my autumn playlist? While I love curating new playlists, I like to do it organically, which is why it's been so long since I've created a new one. I refuse to add a song to a playlist unless I believe it's 100% worthy of being on said playlist.
While it might sound silly, curating playlists is something I take really seriously. I love being able to create a mood, vibe or feeling with a set of songs. And that's exactly what I hope to do for my new autumn  + winter playlist, "Crimson Skies & Dirty Chais." 

 So grab a hot beverage, a cozy blanket, and get listening! Maybe, just maybe, the weather will cooperate too. Happy listening!

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