A Love Letter To October

Dearest October,

Please be good to me. Summer in California has been very unpleasant, to say the least. It seems like it's basically been endless...and I'm really praying you'll come through this year. When it comes down to it, I'm just not a fan of beaches, tank tops and lemonade. I want forests, sweaters and dirty chais.

So October, please don't hide. Don't let the sun outshine you. Don't let the flowers outgrow you. We've all been desperately waiting for you since tax season. Our bones are aching for your amber skies and your literally-cold-yet-metaphotically-warm embrace.

I don't know what it is about you, but every time we meet, I feel like I'm myself again.

Once the leaves hit the ground and the cinnamon hits my lips, all of the women inside of me come alive again. Suddenly, I'm no longer a misguided ghost...I'm a living, breathing soul.

Oh October, how you remind me of the girl I used to be. How your festive traditions force me to hold tightly onto the girl I'm so afraid of losing.

You know, I don't think our obsession with pumpkin spice is about lattes at all. While the flavor is absolutely delicious, I truly believe it's more about nostalgia. Maybe pumpkin spice reminds you of the Tuesday evenings you spent drinking cider at your grandma's house after school or the pastoral walks you'd go on in your hometown, scented with pine, maple and decaying leaves. Perhaps it brings back memories of trick-or-treating with your childhood best friends or the nights you spent by the bonfire in your boyfriend's musky-scented hoodie.

As nostalgic as you are, October, I always find myself making the best memories with you.

Here's to making new memories in October. Hopefully, this year, I won't take harvest season for granted. I want to find myself getting lost in every moment.

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  1. My cousin said on Sunday that the "ber" months are the best months. She's absolutely right, and October is my favorite. My Octobers are spent bi-coastally; enjoying the foggy evenings and bright blue days of San Francisco here at home, and then dashing off to visit my family in Michigan, and walk through the stained glass-colored woods by the Clinton River to get some ice cold apple cider and a cinnamon donut. There's Halloween parties and candy to eat, great movies to watch, and Monster Mashes to dance to. Welcome back, October! I've missed you so!