The Vegan Cuts August Snack Box Has Got Me Feeling Some Type Of Way 😍

It's that time of the month again! You know, when my Vegan Cuts Snack box arrives at my doorstep and makes me casually freak out.

Snacking has been my all-time favorite hobby from day one. Whether it'd be on a road trip, during a movie night, or just in between meals, snacking has always been what gets me through the day. But when I became a vegan, I knew I'd have to give up most of my favorite snacks. I'd have to say farewell to hot cheetos, hot funyuns, hot fries, and all of the other flaming hot snacks I used to indulge in.

Thanks to a plethora of "accidentally vegan" lists and even more plant-based brands, I knew I didn't have to give up my snacking habits. However, because veganism isn't as mainstream as an animal-based diet, a lot of vegan products are up-and-coming or only sold in certain states or at specific retailers. 

That's why Vegan Cuts is my savior!

Every month, they deliver 10+ full-sized vegan snacks straight to your doorstep, ready for you to enjoy. Most of the products are from brands I've never heard of before or never got the opportunity to try, which makes it 10 times more exciting!

Here's what was in their August box:

As you can see, there's something for everyone! I especially love how they give you the perfect mix of salty, savory and sweet. They also typically add a beverage and items you can incorporate into a meal like pasta, soup or oatmeal.

And we can't forget the seasonal items! In the July box, I loved how they added Dandie's marshmallows but in the August box, the pumpkin spice coconut chips from Hungry Buddha had me wanting to fast-forward to fall. 

And because I don't typically eat "superfoods," I was pleased to find Earnest Eat's oatmeal in my box! I typically just have a protein bar for breakfast but I'm really looking forward to eating more of their superfood oatmeals.

And while I'm not the biggest peanut fan, I was so amazed by Pizootz "baja taco" flavored peanuts. They had no powder yet tasted just like tacos! I checked them out online and now I'm itching to try their salt and vinegar flavor.

And last but not least, these ranch Honchos blew me out of the water. They taste just like cool ranch Doritos except they're 50 times better, which makes sense because they're made from natural ingredients. I want more already! (I also didn't include them in my main picture on accident because I ate them too fast. Oops...)

Vegan Cuts, you're THE BEST. <3

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