My Summertime Skincare Saviors ♡

For most people, winter is the worst time for your skin. However, that has not been the case for me. While winter heightens my psoriasis, summer is my skin's worst enemy. With skin paler than snow, I get irritation, sunburn, and rosacea within minutes of being in the sun. And instead of getting that natural dewy highlight we all dream of getting during beach season, my pores get clogged with sweat and oil, which eventually leads to breakouts.

Because of this, I tend to avoid makeup in the sunny season. I mean, let's just be honest. What's the point of caking your face if it's just going to melt within a few hours, right?! During the summer, I keep my makeup minimal and amp up my skincare game.

Thanks to my friends at Nip + Fab, Rodial and Collectively, I got the chance to try out some of their products in July. And let me tell you, my overly sensitive skin is happier than ever!
They sent me a variety of products, from masks, to cleansers, to daily moisturizers. 

I used Nip + Fab's glycolic fix max when I was expecting breakouts, like during that time of the month. I wouldn't suggest that mask for daily use because it's really strong. It's the wonder woman of skincare!

In terms of my day-to-day, I used Rodial's Stem Cell Magic Gel every morning and their Dragon Blood Mask every night. 

The Magic Gell is...well, MAGIC. Even after I only got a few hours of sleep, it somehow made me look refreshed and well-rested. It gave my skin that lively fullness that women like Chrissy Teigen and Gigi Hadid have. It's definitely my fav - I love how it gave me a natural, defined look without a drop of makeup! 

The Dragon Blood's mask, however, kept my skin feeling softer than a baby's bottom. No joke. My boyfriend would touch my face and be in awe. He'd be like, "How are you so soft? How is this reaaaal?" A few days later, I convinced him to try the mask and even he loved the results!

While I usually lean towards DIY skincare, Rodial and Nip + Fab made me feel like royalty. If you want to check them out, Rodial is available at Space NK and Nip + Fab can be found at CVS and Ulta. If you don't have any of those retailers around you, they can also be found online!

Happy skincare and stay cool! I'll be over here, dreaming of autumn...

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