5 Things Taylor Swift Haters Need To Know

After seeing a bunch of Taylor Swift backlash online, I knew I had to write this. Look what you made me do.

1. If You're Checking For Her, You Care Much More Than You Think
You know who actually doesn't care about Taylor Swift? The people who don't check for her. The people who will find about her new song 3 weeks from now on the radio. The people who scroll past Taylor's content on their social feeds instead of commenting a paragraph. Maybe that's your aunt Carol, your boss, or your friend who doesn't really keep up with pop culture. But if you're streaming TayTay's new song the minute it drops...I hate to break it to you but...you're a stan.

You see, I don't care about Selena Gomez or Fifth Harmony. Like AT ALL. I won't listen to them even if them come up on my Spotify mixes. I usually change the radio when their music comes on. I've only watched a few of their music videos and I don't even think I got halfway through. If they appear on my social feed, I'll just scroll past it. That, my friends, is what "not caring" is. 

A lot of people who claim to "not care" about Swift sure have a lot to say about her.

2. When I Ask People Why They Hate Taylor, They Can't Give Me A Valid Answer
Why do you hate Taylor? "She just bugs me."

People are quick to call Swifties sheeps for "mindlessly praising Taylor for whatever she does." But in all honesty, most Taylor fans call her out on her behavior. Even immediately after the release of "Look What You Made Me Do," Swifties didn't hold back. A lot of people, including myself, didn't like the album cover. Hell, I still despise the font. I also don't think it's a flattering photo. But I still consider myself a fan because at least half of the time, she creates life-changing art for me.

You know who's actually mindless? People who hate Taylor because everyone else on the internet is. Whether it be Bella Thorne, Jacob Sartorius, James Charles or the Kardashians, the URL world jumps on any bandwagon of hate they can get on. I'm not saying these people are saints...but...I feel like a lot of people don't know why they hate them and are just doing it to fit in. As a writer, I often have to write about top-performing breaking news. My editors approve anything about Kylie Jenner or the "Cash Me Ousside" girl because everyone clicks on it. If you truly hate someone, why are you constantly checking for them and complaining about them? Why are you putting so much energy into that hate?

I've loved Taylor since the 5th grade. Before her self-titled album was released. Am I suddenly going to drop her because she got into a couple petty celeb feuds I don't really know anything about? Because the internet says she's problematic? Because Pitchfork wrote a think piece about it? It would be pretty mindless of me to hate Taylor all of a sudden because of that. I can acknowledge her mistakes but I'm not going to delete her from my life because everyone else is.

3. She's A Public Figure, So Stop Treating Her Like Your Neighbor 
I'm seriously LOLing at all the people writing paragraphs about what Taylor should've done, should've said, or how she should've went about her new album. Yo...she's a POP STAR. A PUBLIC FIGURE. She puts on a front, has an image and creates pop culture moments with her art. No one knows who the "real Taylor" is. No one knows her personally. We don't know what relationships, friendships or feuds are real for her. What she puts into her art is not only expression, but a business.

Everyone is quick to criticize her for singing about other celebrities...yet she still tops the charts with every album. Clearly, she's doing something right. If Taylor was a normal person at your work or school, she would be nothing like her "celeb persona." I don't get why people talk about celebrities like they personally know them. It just seems so...odd...

4. People Continue To Stan ACTUAL Problematic Men Yet They Tear Taylor A Part For EVERYTHING
We have to take a moment to acknowledge this. So many of the "woke" people who rip Taylor a part for everything she does continue to stan men who are rapists, abusers, or just full-out problematic people. Why? Taylor has never even said anything wrong, people are just constantly REAAAACHING to make her look bad. 

"Taylor didn't openly promote Hillary, so she voted for Trump. She didn't post anything on social media after this tragedy so she must hate this country or cause. A lot of her friends are really skinny so she must be fat phobic. She uses feminism for her brand but didn't go to the women's march. Oh, she gave Kesha $250,000 to help her with her lawsuit? It was all for publicity."

Like...come on. Taylor has actually never directly said anything problematic. Everyone just makes shit up and assumes things. Even with the Kimye / Katy Perry situations, Taylor was generally pretty silent. While both situations were hella suspicious, we still don't know the entire situation. It's honestly not my business so I don't feel the need to put energy into it.

5. Stop Assuming Things About People Because They Like Taylor Swift
Hey you! Guess what! You can be a Taylor Swift fan and a Kanye West fan at the same time. You can be an intersectional feminist and a Swiftie at the same time. You can listen to both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. You can criticize Taylor for her behavior, her font choice, her hairstyle or whatever else and still love her music. Interesting concept, right?

I'm sick of people assuming things about my character just because I listen to Taylor. She's been my day one, so like I previously stated, I'm not planning on dropping her anytime soon. But you know what they say: the bigger the star, the bigger the target. People will continue to hate Taylor and that's simply their choice. However, I'll be over here continuing to stan my heart out. 

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  1. This is the truth...

    thank you for speaking it...

    Swiftie <3