Owl Girl

the truth is
you've never been an ocean
not even a small sea

you're a humble little lake
between northwest forest trees

no one's admiring your beauty
or emptying their paper hearts
just to swim inside your madness
or take pictures of your misty art

but the tadpoles seem to like you
you give them so much room to grow
and the locals love to sit and talk
while watching your stoical show

you don't need waves of blue
or tourist eyes to prove
that you are worthy of the world
and that there's so much depth in you

your silence makes them talk
and your stillness makes them think
you're wiser than an ancient proverb
yet as childlike as a southdown sheep

you're a natural contradiction
that not many get to meet
but the few that are blessed with your presence
leave with a changed heartbeat

you're my little owl girl
please don't fly away from me


  1. This is good poetry! Congrats

  2. that was beautiful