Our Minimalistic Garden

Full credit goes to Caitlin Das Design. Check out her beautiful art!

my suitcase heart has failed me once again.

you see,
my cravings were never about geography.
my real appetite has always been for the home that lives within.

a home with 
air condition / heat / seasonal weather
blankets / movies / nights together
laundry / utilities / parking spots
candles / succulents / late night thoughts
ambiance / luxury / eternal peace
not trapped by a job / social construct / one year lease

home isn't home if you aren't with me.
i want more than a home, i want a sanctuary. 

north or south, east or west,
it doesn't matter anymore.
i could care less if i'm 
driving by the coast
or swinging in a concrete jungle
or swaying in an autumnal forest
or trapped in a random state i've never heard of
as long as i'm with you.

in our sanctuary. 

i promise you, everywhere you'll find
people / trees / fast food shops
cats / dogs / pretty rooftops
buses / cars / wayward views
schools / art / skies of blue
madness / comfort / serenity
souls of every race / gender / identity

when will we stop dreaming?
when will we stop playing pretend?
i don't want to settle down,
but i don't want to run into a dead end.

so let's plant a small garden
and grow our fruits of minimalism.
no more clutter, no more blood on our hands.
no more wondering where to go again.

if our green thumbs fade,
so will we.
and we'll plant a new garden in our sanctuary. 

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