I've always prioritized skincare. Because I don't wear a lot of makeup due to my lack of skills, I feel like I need to compensate with beautiful and healthy skin!
I used to be the girl that would wash her face at least once a day. I'd put on toner every morning and night, I'd do frequent face masks, and I'd be constantly putting on moisturizer and sunscreen.
Years later, I realized I was definitely overcompensating. While it's always a good practice to look after your skin, you need to know when to stop before you end up harming it instead of helping it.

Skincare is more about what you put into your body instead of what you put on the outside, and sometimes you can be too harsh on your skin when you load it with product. When I realized that, I stopped washing my face daily, removed all harsh skincare products from my bathroom, and started to clean up my diet a bit. Almost immediately, I noticed an improvement. 

However, I missed having a traditional skin care routine. Which is why I'm so glad to have partnered up with Nip + Fab to show you my new and improved skin care routine! It's gentle on the skin unlike most mainstream products that have secret ingredients that'll mess with your skin.

Nip + Fab's "Glycolic Fix" line is perfect for anyone looking to care for their skin without going overboard! The products in the line aim to boost the natural radiance in your skin and even your completion. In addition, it increases cell renewal and deep cleanses pores - keeping the pigmentation in your skin to a minimum. I gotta admit, that was a Godsend for me considering my face gets red really easily.

My favorite product in the collection is the "Glycolic fix night pads." They have a natural scent that reminds me of grapefruit - but it's nothing too perfume-y. The pads, as you can see below, are damp with glycolic acid to keep your skin fresh all week long.

I love these pads because they're so easy to use! All you gotta do is rub it on your face and bam! You're done. They're almost like mini face masks!

I've only used these products for a week now, but I've already noticed my skin is softer and has less pigmentation to it. Cheers to a healthy complexion! 

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