It's a good time to be a Beauty & The Beast fan. The live action film just came out, Disneyland officially has a BATB-themed restaurant, and there's merch EVERYWHERE. Is it 1991 again?

While I love all Disney films, Beauty & The Beast has a special place in my heart. I've obviously seen the animated version a gazillion times, but I also got the opportunity to see it while it was touring a couple of times. Plus, I got to see Susan Egan (Belle on Broadway) sing her songs from the musical live at the Hollywood Bowl in the summer of 2016! I love experiencing the story of Belle & the Beast through every medium possible.

But the reason it hits home is because it was the first musical I was ever casted in. Sure, it was just a high school production and I was only casted as a salt shaker, but oooooh, was it magical. Right then, right there, I was introduced to one of my deepest passions: theater. To this day, anytime I hear the score, tears start streaming down my face. So needless to say, I was pretty frickin' excited to see the live action film, despite the fact that I ended up having mixed feelings about it.

I'm so excited to share with you this Beauty & the Beast inspired #ootd and Disneyland date, all taken with my new Canon Rebel!

Dress: Unique Vintage (they also have an AMAZING Beauty & The Beast collection. Unique Vintage always delivers)
Cogsworth Purse: from Boxlunch, by Danielle Nicole Handbags 
Shoes: Keds

Spring at Disneyland. You just can't beat it. (Well, unless we're talking about Halloween or Christmas.)

Attempting to be cute at Minnie's house.

Cogsworth is such a little cutie! This purse from Box Lunch makes me so happy.

So, I tried the grey stuff and the dishes were right. It was delicious! It was a vanilla-esque buttercream frosting with red velvet cake and raspberry flavoring on the inside. The biscuit at the bottom is lemon flavored!

The cauliflower steak sandwich however, was SOOOO much better. It was so amazing to see Disneyland offer an unconventional vegetarian option. It had a lot of flavor and was paired perfectly with pomme frites!

My whatta guy, GAS-TOOOOOON!

My dress is so feminine and puffy! Madame Wardrobe would love it.

I hope Minnie didn't mind me leaning on her fence.

I wish my shoulders were back more, but whatevs.

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme,
Maria Elena

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