Ethereal Interviews: JANUARY 2017 x FRANCIS DOMINIC

Francis Dominic: 
[fran-sis dom-uh-nik] Noun.
Disneyland cast member. 
Self-love enthusiast. 
Instagram king. 
Aesthetic goals.
Basically, the definition of magic. 

If you don't know who he is by now, you're missing out. Thousands have fell in love with Francis and his Instagram account, jam-packed with vivid, colorful photos and even more colorful captions. Most of his followers (66,000 and counting) have come to realize that he's more than just an Instagram feed. It's no secret that many Instagram users are guilty of romanticizing their often bland lives. Francis Dominic, however, simply shows us how magical his life really is. Whether it be in work or in play, his enthusiasm for life encourages us all to find the beauty in the everyday and hold onto our childlike wonder. Through Francis Dominic's eyes, life is simply a fairytale.

Whether you consider yourself a fan of Disney, California lifestyle, or if you just want a daily dose of positivity and aesthetically pleasing should do yourself a favor and follow him. 

On an average day, you can find Francis at Disneyland, giving guided tours to guests while wearing his red plaid vest and navy blue slacks, or enjoying (and slaying) the parks on his time off while rocking his signature round sunglasses, a choker, and absolutely adorable Mickey ears, usually handcrafted with flowers or sequins from an Etsy shop. (I'm convinced he has an entire closet dedicated to Mickey ears. ✨) 

While his scintillating photos and magical captions tell quite a story, a lot of us are left wanting more. Who is this man behind the photos? There has to be more to him than pixels, right? 

Now, we get to find out. 

1. I think it’s safe to say pretty much everyone adores your Instagram! You have a sparkling, vibrant personality and a such a zest for life. You’re basically the heart eyes emoji IRL. 😍  Not to mention, Disneyland is a huuuuge place of interest. They already employ thousands of cast members, and people from all over the world dream of getting the opportunity to work there. Seeing your journey inspires thousands in countless ways: whether they’re looking for inspiration for their next Disney vacation or fantasizing about getting a call from the casting center. I actually used to work at California Adventure and I gotta admit, seeing your excitement for going to work made my appreciate my job more. How does it feel to be such a big name in the Disney community now?  
It's actually so dang crazy. I didn't expect this at all throughout all my years! I've always loved to take pictures whether it be in my life or at Disney. And once I did the Disney College Program in Florida, my Instagram just started getting more and more followers. I don't know what made them stay. It was either the cute/silly/fun captions, the pictures I posted, or maybe even the absolute tenacity to truly live my life in the most magical way. And if not, all of the above! It's still a crazy feeling. I am so thankful and blessed to be honest and so humbled by the amount of gratitude people show. 

2. Have you ever gotten a rude comment on social media that bothered you? If so, what was it and how did you deal with it? 
People will usually make homophobic remarks. But that's fine, I've handled that my whole life. It's literally a brush off the shoulder. And sometimes what's cool is that my followers will come to my defense. So that's always nice. But I don't focus on negativity so they're also quickly blocked because I don't have time for that one bit.

3. So far, your journey with the Disney company has been absolutely exhilarating to watch. Where would you like Disney to take you in the future?  
I am always looking to better myself and constantly seeking opportunities that will use my talent. I already have such a passion for my job but I would so love to work for Disney's Social Media Team/Marketing Team. That is the dream!

4. A lot of your friends and colleagues have went on to start their own side hustles, whether that be YouTube channels, starting their own business, etc. Do you see yourself ever taking advantage of your influence to go down this path? 
We'll see. 

5. Define what “be yourself” means to you. 
Oh man. That's a hefty question! How I define "be yourself" is being and doing something that truly makes you happy. Once you've reached that moment of being unapologetically yourself. You are there. Have fun with your life! Your style, your interests, your everything you have to offer to the world, make sure it is healthy for you. Be you because that is all the world has time for.

6. SoCal or the Bay area? Why? 
SoCal! It has Disneyland! And also beautiful people and great food. But the Bay Area will always be home. My SLZ-510 Fam will always know how the Bay gets HYPHY! 

7. Let’s just be honest here, you’re like the physical embodiment of positivity. Despite being rather optimistic about life, what’s something you just won’t tolerate?  
Eating a whole piece of gum! It's so selfish! That gum stick is so huge, please, your gum pack will last longer if you just split it with someone or save the other half later. Hahaha! But something I won't tolerate is when I hear people talk about me in a negative spotlight. Especially when all I've done is spread as much positivity and happiness as I can. And literally just living my life. I've had people in my past who've smiled my way and asked how I was doing, but yet, behind my back, they were talking so negatively about me and what I do. So that is where I draw the line.

8. I know this is a ridiculously hard question, but who is your favorite Disney princess, and why? 
RAPUNZEL. That girl left her Tower and got her a man and her dreams. She is the reason why I left The Bay Area and went to work for Disneyland. I went ahead a got "my new dream." 

9. Speaking of Disney princesses, let’s talk about diversity. Since the 90s, the Disney company has been doing their best to showcase cultures from all over the world. More recently, we’ve welcomed Polynesian princess Moana and Latina princess Elena. (who totally should’ve had her own movie!) What culture would you like to see represented in a future princess film?  
I definitely would love a FILIPINA PRINCESSA FILM! They have to do something for the Philippines. We have so much rich history, fairytales, and amazing scenery and food. Our people always mean well and seeing that translated in a Disney Film would be something so amazing!
10. I think someone’s Starbucks order says a lot about them, so...what’s your Starbucks order? ☕
It's simple! A Venti Peach Green Tea with no lemonade. 

11. Thank you for taking the time to answer all these questions! Now as this interview comes to a close, what’s one word of advice you’d like to offer readers? 
Whatever you want to do in life, do it. Work hard for it, it just doesn't come from wishing upon a star, you have to back it up with your undeniable tenacity and passion. Be so good at what you do that people will want you around because of your aura and your drive. Never lose sight of your dreams and remember they too can change. Live your best life and don't let anyone or anybody dim your light. 

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