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a love letter to my body

art by Kayleigh Causton

I am told to get rid of you
and though I'm not particularly attached to you,
I hold on tightly.

I've ran for miles,
I've starved to death,
yet I can't seem to shake you off.

My collarbones
My hipbones
protruding out of my skin,
yet you still live.

I can't help but love you
for you are a sign of abundance.

You show the world I live.
You show the world I eat fine foods and drink exotic wine.
You show the world I would thrive in ancient times.

I am not going to limit myself for anyones gaze any longer,
for there are far too many fruits for me to taste.

All of the judges and the juries who care enough to look me up and down,
they don't know a thing about being a woman.

They love and hate the body parts a woman has
but not the woman all-together.

If you think my waistline defines my worth,
you are not worth my time anyways.

My curves may not have the credentials they crave
but I do not live for their gaze.

I no longer live for your gaze.

I stand as a goddess,
portraying the spirit of Venus.
I am artwork, nonetheless,
a Botticelli painting come to life.

You show the world I am no longer suffering.

6 Women From History That Deserve to Be Disney Princesses

Bob Greene / Mashable
The making of Disney princesses is always an interesting one. Some of them are inspired by classic fairytales, some of them are inspired by historical events, and some of them are completely made up by Disney and their creative team. 
I obviously adore them all, but there's something special about princesses (or characters in general) that are inspired by history. The connection to the character feels deeper once you know there is truth to the story.
Unfortunately, a lot of companies avoid doing this because it's too risky. Depicting history as an entertaining family-friendly cartoon can be complicated. You want to be historically accurate but you don't want to be too offensive, either. (Especially after the Pocahontas controversy.)
Disney probably won't be making a bunch of history-inspired princess films anytime soon, but if they do, it would be so-frickin-badass if they included these fierce women. I'm talking to you, Disney!

Queen Boudicca

We always hear about strong kings and strong male military generals in history class. But what about Queen Boudicca? The Celtic queen passionately led 100,000 soldiers without even breaking a sweat. Her and her soldiers are the reason the Roman army abandoned London. Yaaaas queen! (Literally, because she's a queen.)


Thank God for Egypt. You may know Hatshepsut as the first female Pharaoh of Egypt. Let's just say this...she came, and she REALLY conquered. (For 22 years, too!) For over two decades, this woman managed to fight for her throne all while building some of the most iconic temples we see today, including Deir el-Bahri. This all happened in 1478 B.C. too. If we took after the Egyptians, we wouldn't have to worry about fighting for equal rights!


It's no secret that men didn't like doing business with woman for uh...most of history. However, Lozen wasn't into the business of being discriminated against for her gender. Although her life was quite tragic, she proved herself to be a badass warrior with intellect that surpassed most of the men she worked with. She almost always accurately predicted the movements of the U.S. Cavalry. Talk about girl power. 


When you're the daughter of a Hindu goddess, you know there must be something special about you. When Sita was kidnapped by Ravana, King of Lanka...all hell broke loose. Luckily, her husband saved her and Sita proved her chastity and integrity. This is just a Disney movie waiting to happen!

Princess Pyeonggang

Her never-ending crying as a child annoyed her father so much, so he jokingly threatened her by saying if she didn't stop, he would marry her to the dumbest man in the kingdom, Ondal the Fool. When she finally was a teenager, she rebelled against her father and actually DID marry Ondal, while her father wanted to marry her to a rich, successful nobleman. Ondal and Pyeonggang lived quite happily and built their empire together. This is the level of petty we all look up to.

Nana Miriam 

Let's talk about how awesome Nana Miriam is. First of all, she has MAGIC POWERS. She was the daughter of Fara Mako, a very strong man that taught her everything she needed to know about the world. (This sounds like a Disney movie already!) After her village was being tortured by a hippopotamus that kept ruining their crops, she thought it was appropriate to take action. Naturally, she went to battle with it and ended up twirling it above her head and tossing the thing in the Niger river. You better slay, Nana!

Universal Studios Hollywood: Is It Worth It? Maybe Not...

On September 12th, 2016...I experienced my first time at Universal Studios Hollywood. Although I've already been to the one in Florida, I honestly had no idea what to expect out of the one in Hollywood. Seriously...zip, nada, none. Other than Harry Potter, I knew nothing. I kept asking myself questions, "What are the rides like? What franchises do they still own? Do they have any good food options? Whats the energy like?"

Regardless, I knew I wanted to go. I mean, BUTTERBEER AT HOGWARTS? How can I pass that opportunity up? So I took the plunge and bought a season pass, considering it was only $20 more than a ticket. (Isn't that just weird? It's like there's literally no point in buying a ticket.)

So here I am, sharing my experience at Universal Studios Hollywood with the world. If you find yourself wanting to plan a trip to California or to Universal but seem hesitant, you might find this helpful.

Let me start of with this: I enjoyed my time at Universal. Don't get me wrong. I'm obviously going to go back. After all, I do have a season pass! But....there are just a few things you should know before pressing that "buy tickets" button. Shall we?

1. There's surprisingly not a lot to do.
Not kidding. We didn't even need half a day to do everything we wanted. This left me feeling empty. When I was looking at the map, I was like, "Wait, what? That's it?" Apart of me feels spoiled for saying that, but Universal offers way less attractions than other amusement parks.

2. It's REALLY tourist-heavy.
I'm talking cliche high-waisted cargo shorts tourists that don't know how to walk and take a picture of everything they see. The ones that seem like they're from a small Southern town and seem to be judging everyone because they don't look like them. I didn't even feel like I was in California. I'm used to tourists but this was some next level shit.

3. I wouldn't plan an entire trip around it.
Like I said before, there's really not a lot to do. You could get everything in the park done in one day without breaking a sweat. Because of this, planning an entire trip around going to Universal seems kind of silly, right? If you want to go to California, great. If Universal ends up on your itinerary, awesome. But don't go booking a flight JUST for Universal, trust me.

4. It's cheaper than Disney, but Disney is without a doubt worth the few extra bucks. 
This is why I imagine a lot of people choose Universal over Disney. That's why I first went to Universal in Florida years back...I couldn't afford Disney. I know the struggle. Especially when you're taking your entire family to an amusement park, saving a little bit of money counts, right? But let me tell you...no matter what amusement park you choose, you're still going to be spending a WHOOOOOLE lotta money, so might as well make it worth it. Universal is without a doubt NOT worth the amount you pay. Disney is worth the amount you pay and more. From the rides, to the parades, to the customer service, to the characters and the food...you'll see a significant difference.

5. The food is basic AF. Ugh.
There's no draw when it comes to food. It's just overpriced burgers, fries, and other basic American fair food. Again, this is why Disney slays and Universal doesn't. If you do end up going, just pack your food. (You're actually allowed to.)

6. The set up is messy.
There were several occasions where we were walking around and there was just...nothing. Sometimes I didn't know what the theme was supposed to be. Sometimes employees had no idea what they were doing and the lines got out of control. It made the experience sucky.

7. The characters interactions are awkward and slightly uncomfortable.
It's usually common for masked characters to uh...you know, not actually speak. But then the moment I heard Shrek speaking, I couldn't keep calm. What the actual hell? It didn't even sound like him and he was making people visibly uncomfortable. No thank you.

8. The rides were fun, but not believable. 
I have a pretty big imagination and usually, I can transport myself to other places. Whether that's because I'm on a ride at Disneyland, playing a video game or reading an amazing book - it's not that hard for me to go somewhere else. The rides at Universal just couldn't take me there and seemed cheaply done. It just needed some updating. On too many occasions I was just like, "I know I'm sitting in an auditorium. I know they are trying to make it seem realistic by spraying water on me and making my seat go up and down but it's soooo outdated." If Disney can transport me to other universes, why can't Universal even kind of take me somewhere else?

9. If you do want to go to Universal, go to the one in Florida.
You know, if you have an intense craving to go to Universal, go to the one in Florida. There's soooo much more to do and I felt the vibe was a lot better at this one. Plus they added Diagon Alley to the Harry Potter section at the Florida one, which makes it a must see!

If you have any other questions before planning your trip, please do let me know! I'm probably going to be going back soon to take it all in again to see if my opinion changes. But as of right now, I think they have a lot of improvements to make and Disneyland still owns my heart. 

Quick Update + Free Autumn Wallpaper Download

Hey everyone! Just checking in. I've been busy...uh, basically all the time. But is that really news? I'm always prioritizing other writing because I gotta make dat schmoney. ($$$$) In other (much more important) news, I've been working on (and finalizing!Eternal Youth. It has been consuming my soul and I can say I'm pretty proud of it. Yes, it's beyond nerve-wrecking to realize I am going to have it all out there. I'm going to be an open book. Am I ready to be this vulnerable? I couldn't tell you. However, if Eternal Youth makes one person feel something...this excessive vulnerability will be all worth it.

Anyways, I came across this downloadable wallpaper on the Bravelets Blog and fell in love with it. It's currently the background of my phone because I have to show the ready I'm ready to fall! It will probably be repping Eternal Youth soon, though. Preorder, preorder, preorder! 

You can download the iPhone 5 version here and the iPhone 6 version here.

Download the desktop version here.

Enjoy consuming pumpkin spice flavored everything and make sure to preorder Eternal Youth!

Maria Elena