How To Create The Ultimate Cheese Platter With Kaukauna® Cheese

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Cheese platters and I...yeah, we go way back. The moment I get to a party or get-together, I instantly think, "Where's the closest cheese platter?" And then once my eyes finally meet with that beautiful plate of cheese and carbs, well, the rest is history.

When it comes to get-togethers, cheese platters tend to be pretty small and basic. They're not even an appetizer, they're BEFORE the appetizer. However, considering it's one of the first things your guests will put in their mouths, it has to make a lasting impression on them. You might think most people will overlook something as trivial as a cheese platter, but hey, that's not always the case!

Sometimes there's people like me who look forward to, a lot. Considering I don't eat meat, cheese and dessert is what I get to be excited about! 

If you're hosting a holiday party this season, it's time to rethink your cheese platter. This year, give your guests something to talk about. Instead of just plopping cheese and crackers on a plate, inspire them with cheese!

1. Start with your favorite cheese.

The whole point of a cheese platter is the cheese, right? You want to make sure to get a cheese all your guests will enjoy. For me, that's Kaukauna® Port Wine Cheese Balls. I've been eating Kaukauna® Cheese religiously for years now and always love bringing it to holiday gatherings! Considering it's a spreadable cheese with almonds, it has that festive ambiance we all crave around this time of year.

If you're not feeling the port wine flavor, no need to worry! Kaukauna® Cheese Balls come in Sharp Cheddar, Smoky Bacon, Pepper Jack, Bacon Jalapeño, Asiago, and Sriracha. You can also try out their Logs or Spreadable Cheese Cups! There is literally something for everyone. 

2. Add a variety of crackers or breads. 

Gotta love those carbs! To make it affordable and convenient, I buy a cracker variety pack. You'll get onion crackers, wheat crackers, water crackers, cracked pepper crackers and everything in between! Considering Kaukauna® Cheese is spreadable, it'll taste delicious paired up with anything. You name it!

3. Add fruit and nuts.

Typically, the fruit and nuts are there to compliment the cheese and so you can clean your palate between bites. Grapes compliment the port wine flavor so beautifully, I highly recommend!

4. Add jams, sauces, and spreads.

I had to add pesto and a spicy chili sauce to my cheese board for a burst of flavor! I wanted the board to look aesthetically pleasing, so I only plated three crackers each. You can continue to refill the platter throughout the night if necessary. 

5. Get cheesin'! 

Grab a spreading knife and get cheesin'! Enjoy your Kaukauna® Cheese while you mingle with your guests as Christmas music lightly plays in the background. And once they all leave, you can cozy up with a fleece blanket and have all the cheese to yourself.

When I find myself craving Kaukauna® Cheese, I always go to Ralphs, however, you can find it at any Kroger banner store. It's located in the cheese section right by the deli!

And because it is that special time of year where everyone loves to spread joy, Kaukauna® Cheese will be hosting an AMAZING giveaway! You can enter below to win 1 of 2 $500 Visa gift cards, 1 of 20 $200 Visa gift cards, or 1 of 500 Kaukauna® Cheese boards. The chances of you winning something are pretty high, so I definitely recommend entering. Break a leg! In the meantime, check out creative ways to use Kaukauna® Cheese for the holidays here.

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  1. What a delicious looking cheeseboard! {client}

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