Quick Update + Free Autumn Wallpaper Download

Hey everyone! Just checking in. I've been busy...uh, basically all the time. But is that really news? I'm always prioritizing other writing because I gotta make dat schmoney. ($$$$) In other (much more important) news, I've been working on (and finalizing!Eternal Youth. It has been consuming my soul and I can say I'm pretty proud of it. Yes, it's beyond nerve-wrecking to realize I am going to have it all out there. I'm going to be an open book. Am I ready to be this vulnerable? I couldn't tell you. However, if Eternal Youth makes one person feel something...this excessive vulnerability will be all worth it.

Anyways, I came across this downloadable wallpaper on the Bravelets Blog and fell in love with it. It's currently the background of my phone because I have to show the ready I'm ready to fall! It will probably be repping Eternal Youth soon, though. Preorder, preorder, preorder! 

You can download the iPhone 5 version here and the iPhone 6 version here.

Download the desktop version here.

Enjoy consuming pumpkin spice flavored everything and make sure to preorder Eternal Youth!

Maria Elena

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