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Hello all!

These past few months have been so immensely stressful for me. I never really labeled myself with anxiety because I figured basically every ambitious millennial has it, but's been bad. 

It felt like not being tired enough to fall asleep but not having enough energy (or even the motivation) to actually do anything. It felt like I was wearing super tight skinny jeans 24/7 like every emo boy in 2004 - like the circulation of my ankles were constantly being cut off, like I had to stretch my legs every 2 seconds or else I would pull a muscle. Like I had to actually think about breathing or I would suffocate in my own thoughts. Like my throat was itchy and my mind was blank.

When my mind goes entirely blank, that usually just means there are too many things I don't want to be thinking about. In a sense, it's my brain just practicing self-defense. If I allow myself to think about all these things, I know my body isn't going to respond very well. You entire body will tighten and wrap itself in a cocoon of stress.

This happens to me a lot during transition periods of my life. Obviously, I've always been able to get through it...but lately? I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to. The uncertainty of the future was KILLING ME. I was between jobs, between apartments, and to be honest, between lifestyles. I was so focused on finances and "adult responsibilities," so much that I started to fall behind on my work and my personal life. My creativity was at an all time low and I just didn't feel like myself.

Normally, I'm a champ when it comes to handling these things. But when they all happen at once...I start to feel helpless.

However, this past weekend, I knew I had to step up my game and get this all out of the way or I would just dig myself deeper into this mess. So here I am, writing this blogpost so you don't have to deal with the amount of anxiety I've been dealing with!

Starting college or a new job, moving into your dorm or apartment, and dealing with all the paperwork that comes with that can be rather annoying. In fact, it's an inconvenience because it's so uncertain on our end. You have to make all these appointments and go to all these meetings and interviews and put in all this paperwork....only to be told 'no.' "I'm sorry, we won't be able to accommodate your needs because our policy or whatever blah blah blaaaah..." (Usually, they lose me at "sorry.")

We have to play this waiting game with the world while throwing all of our time and money away. It doesn't seem too fair, does it?

When all these responsibilities and obligations come in all at once, you definitely want to keep your life as simple as possible. That's exactly why I partnered with Bed Bath & Beyond on this post - the one brand that'll actually make your life easier. (All opinions are my own.)

When you're moving into your new dorm or apartment, you're probably feeling extra frantic. You don't want to forget anything, right? I remember when I was a senior in high school, I typed out this huge college checklist that actually took me a few months to complete. I edited and revised it so many times....if only I knew Bed Bath & Beyond actually had a checklist waiting for me.

Yes, you heard me right. On their website, they have an entire college / apartment checklist for you based on your school. And if you're shopping in-store and forgot to take a look, you're in luck. They have general college checklists all over the store, and even college-specific checklists there too! The list has all of the general items you may need and gets your brain juices flowing so you can figure out other items you may need that aren't on the list. Regardless, it's way better than working from scratch! 

Regardless of where I'm living, I like to have ambiance on a budget. This obviously takes time, you know, buying and styling furniture. But I think it can be achieved, especially with Bed Bath & Beyond. They have literally everything you need for a price that doesn't totally empty your wallet. You can get comforters for under $100, which is rare. You can get really affordable decor and storage units for under $10 to add ambiance - and of course all of your basic essentials for under $10 as well.

Below is a collage of some of my top picks. (you can buy them all at Bed Bath and Beyond!) 
From decor, to essentials, to pillows, all the way to organization and kitchen utensils. 

apartment style with bed bath & beyond

I was amazed I could buy everything I need at one store in less than an hour. It wasn't too hard to find items that fit my brand and aesthetic, either! I signed up for emails before I went and got 20% one item which saved me a lot of money. They offer a lot of promotions throughout the year which is a Godsend for bargain hunters like myself.

The first item I knew I had to get was this white faux fur pillow. It can make any couch or bed go from basic to glamorous all while being SO. INTENSELY. COZY. Plus it's perfect for flat lays, as you can see. 

Then, as I was looking at their organization section, I saw this makeup organizer. Usually, my  makeup ends up going all over the place every morning making my bathroom look cluttered. But with this organizer, I get to have the products I use the most right in front of me in a clean manner. Talk about ambiance. 

Although things have been extra stressful for me lately with going between jobs and moving, I'm pretty thankful Bed Bath & Beyond helped me out with everything.

Maria Elena

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