Today was pretty damn cute. For starters, I took some pretty cute pictures. I visited some even cuter places. And I was with the cutest boy ever. 

So, I thought I would do a photo diary! I haven't done a post like this in a while but I think they spice things up a bit, you know? My blog started as a place solely for my personal experiences and I'm not gonna to stop sharing them.

(If you don't know what that means, it means 'lets go' in French. One of the few things I remember from French class.)

I've been eyeing this place called By CHLOE for quite some time now. As you can see below, the interior of the place is absolutely stunning. Everything in the entire joint is just one big instagram post waiting to happen. I mean, would you look at the packaging? I literally felt bad for throwing the fry container out.

However, that's not what made me fall in love with the place. IT'S ALL VEGAN FAST FOOD. Every time I hear the words 'vegan' and 'fast food' together in the same sentence, you know I'm there. 

I got the 'classic burger.' The patty is made of tempeh, lentils, chia seeds and walnuts, topped with pickles, onion, lettuce, beet ketchup and special sauce all on a potato bun. It was honestly so F*CKING GOOD. It was a clean eating experience. The burger didn't fall apart at all, which is common for veggie burgers. I would recommend it to carnivores.  

Also pictured: regular fries & avocado pesto pasta. 

A closeup of the masterpiece. 

LIGHTING GOALS. Even the ketchup dispenser is absolutely stunning? This is why this place is doing so good.

Andrew and I then stumbled upon Jeni's Ice Cream, which originated in Columbus, Ohio. (Our home state!) We always loved going to the Chagrin location to get ice cream by the waterfall. It definitely made us nostalgic, especially the sweet, sweet aroma of the freshly made waffle cones. 

Just wanted to point out how adorable the menus are at By CHLOE.

Driving through Los Angeles! We actually like being in traffic. We just get to be in our own little world together, observing all the beauty around us, listening to music, laughing until our ribs hurt. I would say something cliche like "I'll never get sick of this city" or something but that's still to be determined. 

During our walk. Passed these gorgeous orange flowers. I've been realizing lately how much I adore orange flowers. The colors of autumn in flower form. Yaaas.

I'd like to call this one 'the floating head.' Waiting for our ice cream at Jenis, still enjoying that sweet waffle aroma. His eyes looking so beautiful as always. ♡

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