Peach's Song


you saw my life as a video game.

it didn't matter how many times you killed me,
for my lives were unlimited.

it didn't matter how many times you hurt me,
for any potion or elixir could revive me.

it didn't matter you that you neglected me when i needed to be saved,
some other player would get to it.

at least that's what you thought.

i was only there to pass the time.
you wanted to play me until you decided you were done with me,
until something more interesting came along.
until you scratched me up enough.

you wanted to see me rot on some abandoned shelf
just so you could sell me to gamestop for 2 dollars years later.

but i never existed for your entertainment.
and when you feel nostalgic,
put down the controller.

because i won't be on your lonely shelf,
ready to be played again.

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