If Only These 12 Disney Emojis Existed

It seems like there's an emoji for everything nowadays. 
We used to complain that the emojis weren't diverse enough, so they gave us the option to choose from six skin colors. Then, we restlessly wished for a middle finger emoji, so they finally gave us one. (And ironically, it ended up not being used a lot.) And lastly, we begged and pleaded for an avocado emoji until they finally gave in. The avocado emoji will finally be on our phones next month. (I'm counting down the days.)


On top of the conventional, mainstream emojis, it seems like basically every celebrity has an app dedicated to custom emojis now. KIMOJI, StephMoji, Justmoji, and Chymoji...just to name a few. That list seems to be growing everyday. (For some odd reason. NO ONE ASKED FOR THIS YO!)
But what about emojis dedicated to Disney lovers? The demand is definitely there. And with the amount of franchises Disney owns, the possibilities are endless! Stormtrooper emojis AND princess emojis? Yes please. But you don't have to imagine all the possibilities because Disney Style already dreamed up these 12 amazing Disney emojis for your viewing pleasure.  
I literally can't get enough of them. Imagine all the situations you could use them for. I would probably find an excuse to use them all the time...even in professional emails.

This photo belongs to Disney Style Blog.

Seriously though. Obviously you would use them for Disneyland trips and Disney film screenings, but the list goes on.

Missing Disneyland? DOLE WHIP EMOJI. Sipping on some piping hot tea, literally or metaphorically? TEACUP EMOJI. Can't decide what to wear? PINK / BLUE DRESS EMOJI. In the mood for a delicious brunch at the Plaza Inn? MICKEY WAFFLE EMOJI. Feeling yourself? PRINCESS CROWN EMOJI. 
If these emojis actually existed, I'm pretty sure I would never use conventional emojis again. Life would be so much more magical with these. So...uh...Disney, can you please make this happen? PLEASE?

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