Feelings I Miss (For Some Odd Reason)

  1. having more text messages and less emails
  2. growing, not backtracking
  3. listening to lana del rey in the summertime
  4. driving on the freeway with my boyfriend
  5. performing on stage with the biggest smile on my face
  6. laying in backyards at night talking about everything
  7. laying in my bed crying more than humanly possible
  8. wearing my lavender tights
  9. getting closure on broken moments
  10. giving people goodbye hugs, knowing they'll miss me
  11. drinking green tea every single day
  12. wearing pearls and lighting candles
  13. looking forward to the future, because i figured it wouldn't be so bland.

did i lose myself somewhere along the way? maybe i just need to do some soul-searching again. i just can't live like this anymore. i'm longing for so much more..and maybe that actually ends up being much less.

until next time.
maria elena

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