So maybe the Coachella lineup this year isn't exactly idea, but there's one thing we can all look forward to - FESTIVAL FASHION.

I'm very upfront with my opinions on fashion, and I've always hated the whole bohemian fashion trend, which usually dominates festivals. I don't like feathers in my hair, I don't care for aztec prints, I don't like my dresses to be longer than my knees, and I hate shades that come with it: awkward neons, annoying sky blues, dingy browns and even dingier whites. It seems like it's almost purposely dirty so everyone can look like hippies.

The funny thing is: you see people at Coachella wearing this boho-hippie fashion and you assume it'll be affordable. Then you see their outfit is worth THOUSANDS. WHAT? I could get your outfit at a thrift store for ten bucks, what are you doing. 

Regardless of my hatred for the 'boho chic' trend, I still love looking at festival fashion. You know how the first day of school or the first day back after winter break you always tried to look amazing? You got your new outfit planned and you cannot wait to show everyone at school how high fashion you are. (even if you got your outfit at Target or something, like me.)

That's exactly how festival fashion is! Everyone claims to be there for the music, but everyones checking everyones outfit out. It's all about the DETAILS. I mean, once you're photographed at Coachella, that picture lives in history forever, man.

Although I won't be attending Coachella this year, I am excited to see the fashion that comes from it. I think we're gonna see a shift from last year for sure. Andrew and I loved the H&M Loves Coachella collaboration - it was festival-esque without being obnoxiously boho, and had options for everyone. I loved how they incorporated denim and black, because not everyone wants aztec prints!

Here's our take on festival fashion with the H&M Loves Coachella collection.

My look:
Denim Bib Overall Shorts - $34.99
Floral sunglasses - $9.99 (Not online)
White crop top - $17.99 (Not online)

His look:
Floral black shirt - $17.99 (Not online)

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