Your Ultimate Guide to Eating Vegetarian At Disneyland

Within the past year, I've been to Disneyland...well, let's just say well over a few hundred times. With that in mind, you can say I've ate just about everything the park has to offer for vegans and vegetarians.

And let me be upfront with you: some of their most delicious veggie options aren't heavily advertised and can be hidden in the park. Disneyland isn't as accommodating as we'd like. Obviously us veggies would all love if they offered vegan chicken and vegan ice cream, but for now, they offer enough for you to get through the day! The best part is the cast members and chefs are Disneyland will go the extra mile to make your meal dairy free / gluten free / whatever else you'd like.

For example, I hate mushrooms. Absolutely DESPISE them. Almost as much as meat. Unfortunately, a lot of Disney's veggie meals feature them, so I usually get a substitute at no extra cost. Awesome, right?

Disney will do anything to make sure you can eat something, no matter how limiting your diet is. Gluten-free, paleo, vegan, dairy-free, allergies, organic? Ask a chef. Even if they don't offer something on the menu, they will whip something up for you.

If you're a vegetarian going to Disneyland, it's good to plan ahead. No one wants to waste their time wandering around the park looking for something they can eat, right? There are so many option throughout the park, and it changes every season. I'm sure I don't even know all of them!

Here are my favorite vegetarian options throughout Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. (note: pictures that don't have a source under it are mine!)

Vegetarian Gumbo in New Orleans (Disneyland)
When I'm looking for something affordable, fast, and delicious, I go to New Orleans to get me some vegetarian gumbo. It comes served in a bread bowl with another side of bread. YES CARBS! It has plenty of nutritional value and will fill you up, which is absolutely necessary if you're walking around the park all day. A lot of people stray from getting this when it's hot, but I never care what season it is. Vegetarian gumbo ALL DAY EVERYDAY. I always stock up on the butter and tabasco sauce for the extra bread. 

Pineapple Dole Whip in Adventureland (Disneyland)
Dole whip is a Disneyland cult classic. Apparently the only other place you can get it is Hawaii. It's vegan, too! You can get the custard or the float, but they are equally refreshing. People are crazy about the Dole Whip. It amazes me: no matter what time of year it is, the line is always ridiculously long. While I'm not too in love with it, you have to try it at least once. 

Veggie Burger at Smokejumpers (DCA)
All vegetarians like to be basic every now and then and get a veggie burger and fries. Located in the heart of California Adventure and served super fast, this is perfect if you're looking for a quick grab and go meal. Or if the crew you're with is a whole buncha carnivores. 

Vegetarian Chili Con Queso (DCA)
This is probably the most hidden vegan / vegetarian option. It's vegan chili in a bread cone topped with corn chips and cheese. You can make it completely vegan by cutting out the cheese. It's around 7 dollars and fills you up! If you want more than just a pretzel or a veggie burger, this is a more flavorful and diverse choice. Who knew chili in a cone of bread could be so DELICIOUS? 

Breakfast at Plaza Inn (Disneyland)
I HIGHLY recommend making reservations at the Plaza Inn if you're spending the day at Disneyland. Sure, it's 'on the pricy side,' but it's an endless breakfast buffet filled with vegetarian options. If you're going with just one other person or if your group is relativity small, this isn't a bad idea. Endless eggs, waffles, coffee, orange juice, hash browns, omelets, fruit, pastries, and so on. And if anyone in your group isn't vegetarian, they also have sausage, bacon, etc. What also makes dining at the Plaza Inn so fun is the fact that it's character dining. We spend so much time at Disneyland waiting in line to meet and get pictures with characters but at the Plaza Inn, they actually come to you. 

Iced Coffee and Iced Tea at Starbucks (DCA and Disneyland)
Whether you like Starbucks or not, I think it's awesome they offer it in the parks. I'm pretty sure the prices are almost identical to actual Starbucks, if not, it may be like 25 cents more per drink. They offer everything regular Starbucks offer besides cold brew and fizzio drinks. I actually used to work at the Starbucks in DCA! Here's a quick tip: sometimes, the line may look long but it goes by a lot faster than you think. They always have four registers open and a full staff making drinks. You can get iced tea, lattes with soy milk, or whatever else you want to give yourself that midday boost. I always loved how they serve seasonal drinks, so you can enjoy your peppermint mocha during the season! I should probably also mention the cups are SO ADORABLE, as you can see above. 

Popcorn and Pretzels (throughout both parks)
Not to be captain obvious, but hey, they deserve a spot on the list. The popcorn is always good, and I definitely recommend eating it during Paint the Night. Cars Land in DCA offers flavored popcorn that changes daily, but my favorite is Dill Pickle. Ugh, I'm basically craving it 24/7. Mickey Pretzels are vegan, but if you're a vegetarian who loves cheese, the dipping sauce is a good addition. Is it just me, or does everything taste better when it's shaped like Mickey Mouse? 

Chili Lime Corn (throughout both parks)
You have the choice between regular buttered corn, but you can get that basically anywhere. The chili lime corn is SO DELICIOUS and is about 4 dollars. It's a fast, healthy snack for vegetarians and is one of the few meals in the park without super bland seasoning. You can find them throughout both parks at various carts. 

BBQ Tofu Salad at River Belle Terrace (Disneyland)
This is a newer choice and is a bit on the pricier side, but OH MAAAAH GAWD the tofu is so good. If you want to sit down at an actual restaurant and tip and all that jazz, River Belle Terrace is beyond accommodating for vegetarians and vegans. 

Wicket's Wicked Veggie Sandwich from Galactic Grill (Disneyland)
This is also a newer choice, introduced to us all this past December 2015. If you find yourself in Tomorrowland, which you probably will if you love Star Wars, Galactic Grill has fast and easy choices for the entire family. It's actually one of the few places in the park you can get french fries! An added plus: they have star wars themed lemonade that actually LIGHTS UP. It's so epic. 

Various Seasonal Options as Napa Rose (DCA)
Eating a Napa Rose is a time-sucker, but if you're in the park for a few days or if you're an annual pass holder, Napa Rose is the perfect place to get your veggie on. You might just feel like you're in Italy. They serve wine and all sorts of fancy dishes, but it all depends on when you go. Ask ahead of time or just read the menu they have outside to see what they're serving. 

Pizza / Pasta (Paradise Pier in DCA or Pizza Port at Disneyland)
Everyone loves italian food, and sometimes, all you need is a slice of pizza. I usually try to avoid the pizza and pasta because it's so ridiculously expensive, but hey, when the craving comes...sometime's you gotta do what you gotta do. The pizza at Disneyland is pretty good and I would recommend it in terms of taste, but 7 dollars for a slice is a bit too much for my liking. They also offer salads here too if you're looking to eat a tad healthier. 

Customizable Mexican Food at Rancho Del Zocalo (in Disneyland or Pacific Wharf in DCA)
I'm saying 'customizable Mexican food' because that's what it is. Mexican food is all about customization. They offer vegetarian tacos, burritos and enchiladas, but there are several menu hacks. See something you like but don't want the meat? No problem. Here's my thing though: it's a bit pricy for what you get and it lacks flavor. I'm not a HUGE fan of the Mexican food Disney serves, but it gets the job done. 

Portobello Mushroom Philly at Award Wieners (DCA)
In Hollywood in California Adventure, they have a place dedicated to hot dogs. While we are all patiently awaiting for them to actually serve a vegetarian hot dog, they have a portobello mushroom Philly for now.

Vegetable Skewer from Bengall Barbecue (Disneyland)
Featuring potato, peppers, onion, zucchini and mushroom - what better way to get your vegetables than on a stick? The seasoning is pretty bland for the spice-lover, but they offer awesome dipping sauces for your pleasure. Get the skewer while you wait in line for Indiana Jones. 

N'awlins Vegetable Ragout / Pomme Frites from Cafe Orleans (Disneyland)
As I'm writing this, I'm starting to realize the New Orleans area of Disneyland has the most vegetarian options. The pomme frites are always a popular choice. You can literally find it on every Disneyland instagram. They are crispy french fries with garlic seasoning and parmesan cheese served with a chipotle dipping sauce. The serving is bigger and more filling than I expected, so don't overestimate what you think you can eat. Cafe Orleans also offers a Vegetable Ragout and a fried green tomato sandwich. 

Teriyaki / Orange Tofu from Lucky Fortune Cookery (DCA)
I remember the first time I went to Disneyland I got this and I was literally so disappointed. It was an uncooked block of tofu. When I say block, I mean block. It wasn't cut or fried or anything. We didn't even take a bite of it. I mean, come on, why give tofu a bad name? The veggies, rice and seasoning below tasted delicious but I just wish they would cook their tofu a different way. 

Various seasonal items from Jolly Holiday (Disneyland)
Jolly Holiday is SO Disneyland. Okay, that didn't really make sense, but you'll get it once you go there. It's located in the heart of Disneyland and has a real classic, old-fashioned Walt feel to it. They offer the cutest, instagram-worthy Mickey macarons. (I recommend the salted caramel) In addition to desserts, they have grilled cheese, tomato soup, a caprese sandwich, and other seasonal items suitable for veggies. Yes please. 

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