What My Eyes & Ears Have Been Loving Lately {March 2016}

What have I been watching lately, you ask? If you keep up with my blog, you know I just finished the series Love and gave it a not-so-good review. You also know I just went to the theater to see Zootopia and gave it an out of this world review because it's literally cinematic gold and I want to watch it again and again.

Other than that, here's what my eyes have been staring at every night:

Liberal Arts
The main film I want to talk about is Liberal Arts. I went into it expecting to get absolutely nothing out of it, but it actually ended up changing my life and helping me get closure on past feelings I was afraid to touch. If you love literature, meaningful-yet-not-pretentious conversation, the complicated nature of student/teacher relationships, and Ohio, I recommend you watch it.

The film stars Josh Radnor as Jesse Fischer (known as Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother) and Elizabeth Olsen as Zibby (Mary Kate & Ashley's lil sis).  Jesse is an admissions counselor currently living in New York while Zibby is a college student at Kenyon College in Ohio. Jesse goes back to his alma mater in Ohio to congratulate his friend on retirement and ends up meeting Zibby. 

They instantly connect on every level possible, and live their life through letters, classical music, and Blake's poetry. The rush of their almost spiritual connection and their old-fashioned love opens both of their eyes to so many things. It was a rough draft of love that had potential but wasn't right to publish.

I specifically loved how the plot didn't follow the formulaic method you thought it was going to take. You expected crazy college parties and raunchy inappropriate relationships with home-wrecking and tears. Liberal Arts decided to take the creative high road and show things in a more realistic sense. 

A relationship can progress, grow and be filled with love, but it doesn't have to end in flames. It doesn't have to be happily ever after either. It doesn't even have to technically be labeled as a relationship. But you know what? It still can mean something. 

The cinematography was so exquisite and pastoral. It literally had me on Kenyon College's website about to fill out an application, no joke. Considering they actually filmed on location, you know they weren't lying to you. This made you feel like you were on campus with them...isn't that the best possible thing a film can do?

I may be four years late to the party, but I thoroughly enjoyed Liberal Arts and recommend you watch it. Apart of me doesn't want to give it a 10/10 because there was nothing groundbreaking about the film if we're talking about logistics, but it was a really pleasant watch and I can't find a problem with it. So...10/10.

Lately, I've been really into music I normally wouldn't be into, which is super exciting for me. No more listening to the same 4 songs over and over again!

Here's what my ears have been listening to lately:

PC MUSIC / Hannah Diamond

PC Music is impossible to describe, but if you get it, you get it. Is it ironic or is it just music? Is it a genre, a scene, a statement? No one knows. Their music sounds like video game soundtracks mixed with KPOP, really catchy computerized beats, high pitched vocals and addicting British accents. Charli XCX collaborated with them on her EP, and the song Paradise really stuck out at me. Hannah Diamond's verse takes me in. When she says "sweet like a cherry drop," my heart melts. I also recommend listening to Pink and Blue and Every Night by Hannah Diamond.


Aurora and I were meant to find each other. It usually takes me a while to appreciate a song, but the moment I heard her song 'Runaway,' I was captivated by her. Listening to her music is like being trapped in the best fantasy novel ever. I feel like a warrior, a queen...I feel one with nature. Not many artists can do that, but Aurora can take me all around the world with her words. Who wants to run in the mountains of Norway with me while listening to her graceful voice?


This is a wagon I'm a bit late to, probably because I never gave them the chance they deserved. I love the way Tyler Joseph annunciates his words. I am addicted to the way he speaks. It feels good, you know? It's just oddly satisfying. The thing I really appreciate about Twenty One Pilots is how they can experiment with several different genres in one song and they're really not claiming to be anything they're not. Just two passionate dudes experimenting with music. 

SHAKIRA - Try Everything

I don't know what it is about 'Try Everything,' but it gets me. On several occasions, I've walked down the street blasting this song with a huge smile on my face. Shakira's joyful voice mixed with the optimism of Disney and the cinematic perfection of Zootopia...makes me feel like I can do anything. *cries*

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