The One Who Could've Got Away But Chose to Stay

i would watch titanic at 11 years old and cry liters of tears because even then, i think i knew.
i knew if fate stepped in and had us go our separate ways, 
i would still be thinking of you at 101 years old -
married to some nice old man who couldn't keep my heart the way you did.

i would go on with my life and so would you.
yet you would own my mind more than my 9 to 5 job, my small town home or my two kids,
i know my life would be painfully normal without you.

i would keep you in my soul, my deep ocean of secrets,
and put you in my words.
only paper and pen would know what you did for me.

i would think about the 'remember whens' every month of every year,
for the 12 young months we spent together had enough fire to energize me for a lifetime.

but instead, we stand here now, together, intertwined for all eternity.
my heart still goes on for you, but this time, burning a flame bright enough for the two of us.

you read my writing and call me sweet names.
you freak out every time you see me.
you look at me like i'm a work of art.
you buy me my favorite snacks
and you love me and you take me as i am.

we used to swim in swimming pools and swing on swing sets,
pretending to be jack and rose.
"never let gooooo!," we'd say, jokingly and high-pitched.
even then, i think we knew.
even if the cool tide tried to pull us apart, 
we were never going to let go.

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