Black, Beige and Blended


They say how you drink your coffee says a lot about you.

Well, I've always admired your tastebuds
and your heart rate
and your tired eyes.
Open to all, ready for everything.

A palate so flexible and capricious.
You love your coffee black
and you love your coffee beige.
You just starting drinking chai lattes
and you have a soft spot for white tea.
You'll even take it blended,
drizzled in caramel and toffee nut.

I could order you the whole menu
and you'll sincerely smile through each and every honest sip.

You'll treat the barista like they're the Van Gogh of coffee -
making their long shift taste a bit sweeter.

If the way you drink your coffee says a lot about you,
it tells me this:

That you greet life like an old friend.
You smile at ducks in ponds
and latte art shaped like ducks in ponds.

You see the world as your canvas and people as individual works of art,
welcoming them into your world with zero intention.

You don't mind change and you keep your tastes versatile,
because you know the essence, the soul of things stay the same.

You love me when I have no caffeine in me
and you love me when I've had a bit too much.
After all, you know my soul, my essence, is still the same.

Coffee is coffee.
Why complicate something so simple?

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  1. Aww... I really enjoyed this post! Even though I am a herbal tea drinker, this poem to coffee was sweet.

    Tiffany Milkhannie