10 Reasons You Need to See Zootopia

I saw Zootopia (on opening night of course) and I fell in love with it. Although I thought it was going to be just another filler film for Disney, it was my favorite film from the revival era. 

Complex, cute and jam-packed with detail, Zootopia isn't your ordinary Disney film. There are no princesses or superheroes. However, there is a cute little bunny that is so much more than a cute little bunny. She has dreams and purpose, and she is willing to go through a world of corrupt animals and ideals to prove it.

I told myself I wasn't going to write about how much I loved this film. Yet the first thing on my mind when I woke up this morning was, "I NEED TO SEE ZOOTOPIA AGAIN ASAP." So, here I am, telling you why you should see it too.

1. The parental figures actually admitted they settled for a life they didn't want.
Although Disney is arguably the most successful franchise in the world, they have their haters. "Disney is so unrealistic! Love isn't real, dreams don't come true! Blahhhhh blah blah." But Judy Hopps parents admitted they settled for a comfortable life instead of following their dreams. It had undertones of irony, sarcasm and shade to it which made the comment so much better.

2. It's all about breaking stereotypes.
It doesn't matter what you were born with or where you're from. You can be anything you want to be! Because Disney is using animals (and their stereotypes) to make these points, they really can be fearless with it. It's all up to interpretation. You can be a bunny cop! You can be a good fox! Who you are is not defined by anyone's perception of you.

3. Shakira has a really catchy song called 'Try Everything' in it.
It's legitimately hard to stand still while it plays. I mean, it is Shakira. Shakira plays pop sensation 'Gazelle' in the film and it's so BEAUTIFUL. "I wanna try everything, I wanna try even though I could fail."

4. They show the DMV in the most accurate way possible.
Yes. Every employee at the DMV is a sloth and it drives everyone crazy. It makes me want to never step foot inside the DMV again. But then again, I already felt that way...

5. They pay homage to The Godfather.
There was so many times I screamed during Zootopia, and this was one of the reasons. The intensity of this scene is EVERYTHING.

6. You get to witness SO MANY...CUTE...ANIMALS.
That is all.

7. The way they included technology.
I love it when modern films include technology because it makes it 110% more relatable. We use our phones, computers and iPods on a daily basis - so why do most films act like they don't exist? I specifically loved the shots of Judy Hopps iPhone on her nightstand, and what it looked like when she was recording a video.

8. The world of Zootopia was so vast and deep.
I could definitely see a sequel, a TV-series spin off, and you know what? I would LOVE to see Zootopia in Kingdom Hearts 3. I loved going on adventures with Nick and Judy through the tundra, the rainforest, the farmland, the city. It showed so many different places and the immense detail made me want more.

9. There were some serious political and racial undertones.
And I was SO HERE FOR IT. I loved how unapologetically fearless Disney was with Zootopia. They used animal stereotypes as a metaphor for the stereotypes human face based on race, gender, appearance, and so on. It shows how those stereotypes negatively impact certain people with occupations they want and some of them even get shot in the street. Sound familiar? Exactly. Bravo to Disney for that.

10. The way it shows everyone coming together in peace.
Animals from all over world coming together to live happily. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from them.

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  1. I agree with all your points, this is definitely a must see movie! Especially when Judy is coming into the city, it's just beautiful the way they showed it!