10 Lipsticks You Need For Spring

If you're anything like me, you are absolutely OBSESSED with winter / fall lipstick. I even wrote about my fav autumn lipsticks here. 
I mean, come on. Dark shades of plum, black cherry, deep reds, and chic browns. But every now and then, we gotta give the lighter shades some love. I shouldn't be talking considering I rarely use my pink lipsticks, but hey, they deserve the same love! I think the reason I love winter / autumn lipsticks so much because they make your outfit complete. When it gets a bit colder, I get lazy with my fashion. I bring out the oversized sweaters and leggings. But when I top my look off with a cute bun and some dark lipstick, I know I'm ready for the day. 
The weather is getting warmer. The flowers are finally blossoming and, well, so are we. You can keep your look minimalistic with sweet shades of lilac and subtle shades of pink, or make your look pop with shades of watermelon and coral. 
When it comes to springtime shades of lipstick, I like to keep it neutral, with shades that are very close to my normal lip color but make my lips look a tad richer. But when browsing the web for my fav spring shades, I came across some pretty diverse pinks, watermelons, corals and lilacs.
I've compiled a versatile list of lipsticks that caught my eye. They range from drugstore to designer, so there's something for everyone! Enjoy.

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