Survey Says Couples That Watch Netflix Together, Stay Together

There's one thing the single and the taken everywhere have in common, and that's Netflix. Order some pizza, put on a pair of pajamas, and you have yourself the perfect night. You don't have to worry about going out and spending your entire life savings. You can just Netflix and chill.
I know one thing for sure: although my boyfriend and I's foundation wasn't built off of Netflix, we still love it. When you put two lazy hermits that love eating and pop culture together, that's what happens.
Netflix interviewed 1,008 individuals between the age of 18 and 29 about 'Netflix and Chill.' It didn't come as much of a surprise to find out 72% of respondents in a relationship say staying in and watching Netflix is one of their favorite ways to spend a casual night together, and 58% stated they feel closer to their significant other while watching Netflix.
Think about it: when you find out someone likes the same TV shows as you, they ignite your interest a bit more. Even 1 in 10 correspondents stated they would ask someone on a date based on show compatibility alone.
Debating about Steven Avery while watching Making a Murderer, freaking out over Piper and Alex while watching Orange is the New Black, and binge-watching House of Cards until 4 am: RELATIONSHIP GOALS.
Netflix gives even the most complex couples a common interest, sparking conversation and compatibility between them both. But the real question is, would you share your password with your bae? See what the survey respondents had to say below:

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