I always feel so weird talking about coffee. I don't want to seem uneducated on the subject, but I also never want to seem pretentious. I mean, I've not only been drinking coffee my entire life, but I've also worked at four different coffee shops as a barista. So obviously, I like coffee and know enough to talk about it. I'm glad that's settled.

But here's the thing: I never judge people on what their coffee order is. Go ahead, get a caramel latte with enough caramel to make you get diabetes, I don't care. You do you. Go ahead, be super picky about what kind of roast and region your coffee is. That's all you.

I don't really mind going to Starbucks. One thing I learned from working as a barista is people who like Starbucks, REALLY like Starbucks. But the people who hate it, really...really...hate it. It's like a deep-rooted prejudice against one coffee chain that I've never understood. I've heard people have hour long passionate rants about how much they hate Starbucks. If it's not for you, that's cool and all, but it's obviously a successful business. Why hate?

I respect Starbucks, but I always wanted to try something more. From a very young age, I thought I would fall in love with the independent coffee scene, and in all honesty, I did. It's hit-or-miss sometimes. Sometimes the vibe is a bit too snobby for my liking. The baristas will judge you if you don't know what to order. The people at the tables will roll their eyes at you as you walk past. You feel kind of out of your element unless you are a certified coffee expert.

But it wasn't like that at Fox Coffee House, Long Beach based coffee shop. It felt so familiar, so felt like a second home, from the moment I walked in. The calming color scheme of gray and blue invites you in, reminiscent of your childhood living room. The books, the couches, even the part of town it's located in.

I discovered them on Yelp a few months ago when I was looking for a coffeeshop that offered unique vegan options. Based on the pictures and what people we're saying I was excited to go. But let me tell you this: the Yelp page did not do it justice. There is a feeling you get when you walk in that cannot be put into words and that feeling is worth mentioning.

I think there's a sense of pressure at some coffee shops. You go in with your laptop and you feel on edge. There's so much noise, so many people around you, so much going on. It can be more stressful than calming. But there was no rush, no pressure at Fox. I felt like I could take my time. I wanted to stay all night.

Andrew and I were truly overwhelmed by their menu. If you're a vegetarian or vegan, you will be so pleased with what they offer. I ended up getting their honey bear blended. It's a blended vanilla latte with coconut milk, coconut whipped cream and a floating shot and mocha powder on top. It was delicious, to say the least.

To eat, we got their chickpea slider, veggie pot pie, chocolate cupcake, and dark chocolate sea salt cookie. Yes, ALL VEGAN. The best part is it was actually affordable, while other vegan establishments will try to charge you 7 dollars for half a cupcake. And knowing everything is homemade makes my heart feel all fuzzy.

I've never seen Andrew so in love with a piece of food before. He kept saying, "THIS IS LITERALLY EVERYTHING I'VE WANTED FOR YEARS AND I NEVER WANT IT TO END." (he's always wanted a vegan pot pie but was always afraid it wasn't actually vegan)

The chickpea slider was an absolute dream come true for me, the queen of all things chickpea. Chickpea salad, tomato, cucumber, and chipotle sauce all on a bun. (I must say, the chipotle sauce took the slider to levels I didn't know were humanly possible)

The moment I left, all I could think about was coming back to try more. So many coffee shops talk about 'community,' but you never feel that when you walk in. Fox Coffee House is the definition of community.

As I looked around the establishment, I felt so joyful. So many different individuals from different walks of life, enjoying a cup of coffee, just talking to the person across from them. You don't really see that anymore.

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