splitting a meal for one
because we could never afford two
it can get kind of empty
but i like sharing the same tastes as you

so we could talk about the spices
the thai sauce of our dreams
the lavender lemonade that actually tasted like lavender
the latte that wasn't too sweet
the pot pie you fell in love with
and the vegan buffalo wings that won us over,
we'll sing an ode to them all.

we don't care about the coordinates
the stigmas and presentation
the critics and the influencers
shouting, "you have to go here."
we've all seen it in text and heard it from their mouths.

but our tastebuds can't read or hear.
as long as there is a cushioned booth in the back corner of a cafe
...somewhere, anywhere,
we will get a meal for one for two.

i realize not every day can be like that,
our wallets and our non-existent car would agree.

so you get the chesters
and i'll get the limon
we'll both get a steaz.
and if you're feeling up to it, we can buy grocery store avocado sushi.

our stomachs may never overflow
but our hearts will,
in perpetuum.

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