Introducing: ASK MARIA ♡

Hey all! I've decided to introduce an ADVICE COLUMN. 

I'm introducing this because I felt like there was somewhat a gap between my readers and I.
I absolutely adore your messages via email and social media but this adds a whole new level of personalization to my blog that I've been craving.

My goal is to be real and uncensored. I want to help people. I want to connect with you. I want to pour my soul on the keyboard for you.

Submit all your questions to and you could see your question up on my blog! SUBMISSIONS ARE ALWAYS OPEN. NO MATTER WHAT.

Here's a little FAQ below for how you can submit / any other concerns. In the future I'll probably tidy this up once I know what I want for this column.

What can I ask you?
  • Primarily, these are going to be ADVICE questions. If you want advice on literally anything, go ahead and ask! The more details, the better. A backstory always helps.
  • Ask about relationships / work + career / art / school + college / mental health / spirituality / body image /  social justice issues / literally everything and anything else.
  • ANYONE can ask. Any age, gender, race, religion, location, walk of life...
How can I ask a question?
  • Email me at /Advice submitted through my personal email or social media will not be responded to. I will be checking emails every Monday for review.
How will I know my piece is selected?
  • If I choose your question, I will email you letting you know with a link to my answer.
Are there any rules or guidelines? Can I ask you personal questions? How many words does it have to be?
  • My rule with questions is if I can help at least one person out there, it's all goooood. However, if it's a question with a simple yes or no answer than it probably won't make the cut. You don't have to write me a novel, but I can't give you good advice if you give me a sentence. Shoot for at least 5 sentences. (I feel like a 4th grade teacher saying that.)
Are you qualified to be giving advice?
  • There's always that one cynical person who gets mad when someone that doesn't have 5 PhD's gives anyone advice. I am no psychologist or licensed expert here, and I'm not claiming to be. However, I am pretty damn good at giving advice. It's something I enjoy. All of the conclusions I come to come from my wisdom and my experience.
Is this confidential?
  • Yes yes 100% yes. Just tell me the name you want to go under. If you don't want even me to know who you are, make a fake email. If you want exposure, tell me and I'll add your link on my post. It's all up to you. Nothing will be used without your permission.
Can I ask more than one question?
  • You can ask as many questions as you want!