DARBY FOREVER: A Short Film by Aidy Bryant

When I saw one of my favorite comedy girls Aidy Bryant created a short film, I thought, "YAY!" But when I saw two of my other favorite comedy girls, Retta and Natasha Lyonne were featured in the film, I thought, "HELL YAY!"

Have you ever worked a job in food or retail and felt kind of robotic, so you find yourself staring into the distance, dreaming up all these unrealistic scenarios? Well, welcome to Darby's life.

Bryant, who plays Darby, touched on that in an interview with the Chicago Tribune, "I used to work in retail and it is really weird how you form these brief connections with people. You help them find something and you get a little invested in what they need - and then they're gone! And all of a sudden your day is over and it's like, was any of this real or was I just a weird robot who rang them up? So I think there was some of that in the film."

Darby Forever is the perfect Thursday pick-me-up for those who are looking for a little bit of silver lining and a whole lotta optimism.

You can rent the short on Vimeo for 99 cents or buy it for 2.99. 

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