The Sacredness of Writing

W O R D S.

One single word can hold more power than an entire paragraph. We have the intelligence and the creativity to put those words together and to communicate how we choose. That freedom and that creative outlet is enough for me.

I have the keys and the ink to put my words into the history of (wo)mankind. And I promise to be nothing but honest to the world, to history, to the ones reading, and to myself. Integrity is all I need.

WORDS are an art form, not just a way to communicate. Recently I've been interested in communicating in other languages and learning other words in spanish, french, italian, japanese.

Learning words in other languages is like seeing colors that never existed before. The english language, while vastly magnificent, can be quite limiting. How many times have you heard someone say, "I just can't find the word for what I'm feeling. I just can't explain it." As a writer, an artist, and a communicator, I find it rather beneficial to learn these words.

If you rummage through the archive of my blog, my social media, my journals, my publications, or whatever else, you may find writing and confessions that aren't of quality. Well, actually, I can probably guarantee that. You will find me blabber on about philosophies I don't agree with anymore and talk about films or music I've changed my mind about. Then again, I started writing before I even was in the double digits so of course that's bound to happen.

But I don't erase it, or alter it, because that's apart of HISTORY and apart of GROWTH. As a writer, I've written things that aren't worthy of greatness and that I may even cringe at now. But erasing it would only show weakness.

The best part of watching someone express themselves through an art form their entire life is the change and the growth. You get to experience their life with them and emphasize with them. That's a pretty beautiful thing. However, if you are altering your life for an image or to look cute on social media, that's not beautiful or real. That's not history.

I am talking about the sacredness of writing because there's a fine line between imagery and artistry that too many people seem to cross nowadays.

In order to be honest to yourself, your readers, your fan base, and history - you have to write about what you know. With technology and modern media, people are writing about what they want to know or what makes them look more interesting.

Why write lyrics about cigarettes, depression and casual sex if you're a unexperienced, rich, privileged teenager from Connecticut?

Why write poetry about broken relationships when you're currently in a happy relationship? Why do I feel like I keep reading the same poem over and over again? "We were beautiful strangers / with pale skin / something about cigarettes / something about pale skin again / the white sheets / a shitty simile / I spend too much time on tumblr." (end scene)

Why write about lifestyles you haven't experienced?

Why write about other cultures you don't know? Fashion you don't wear? People you haven't met? Religions you don't practice? And all for your own benefit? (Ahem, that is cultural appropriation.)

Why use phrases that have already been used? Why steal aesthetics and identities from 'role models?'

Why write your opinions about celebrities and politicians if you aren't doing your job as a journalist and knowing the full story and background?

Why do I keep reading / watching interviews where the journalist asks basic almost insulting questions? No one is digging deep enough. No one is honest enough.

Why write about something just to write about it? That isn't benefiting you, it's not benefiting the ones reading.

I am all about freedom for writers but I cannot stand the lack of authenticity I see in the game sometimes. To carefully craft your image is to put yourself in a box that you built for yourself. Write whatever the fuck comes out and let the world put you in a box and see you how they want. Because at least then, you're not in your own personal prison. They can't control you.

One of my all time favorite quotes is by Henry David Thoreau, AKA transcendentalist icon. He states, "How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live." Do not try to inspire others with dishonesty, do not try to intrigue others with lies. Do not write for image, write for art.