♡ LIFE UPDATE: January 2016 ♡

Hey all! 
Maria here.
I'm going to give you a brief update about what's been going on, because I always feel super guilty when I neglect my blog even if it's only for a week. Letzzzz go!

W R I T I N G 
For the past few months, I've been writing for these sites:
♡ Vanessa Hudgens' site ASTRAL & OPAL. This is the site I write for the most. From social media cleanses, to why you should learn a new language, to a beginners guide to being vegan, to the shiniest highlighters. You can find me writing about all that stuff here.

♡ Kingsleys' site King of Culture. I write here often too, mostly about pop culture. From why Tinashe is literally the queen, to Grammy snubs, to a list of all the Taylor Swift songs not about boys...it's all there.

♡ Ashley Bensons' site XOBENZO. This is mostly fashion posts. Pastel hair, matte nails, girl power playlists, all of that. 

♡ Laila Alis' site Laila Ali Lifestyle. I don't write for her site that often but occasionally I'll pop out of nowhere to talk about BPA free water bottles and how to get rid of a headache naturally.

And of course, the occasional Hello Giggles, Thought Catalog, Local Wolves, etc.

That's where a lot of my time is going, which is why my posts on Pink Chanel Suit or more for myself, for fun, or whatever else.

♡ As many of you know, I was working at Disneyland since I moved to California. Well, hate to break it to you, but I just left! Although I have major respect for the company and want to collaborate with Disney in the future, it simply wasn't working out anymore. The commute via bus was pretty long and they weren't accommodating to my schedule at all. With the way I was scheduled, I felt like Disneyland was my life. Ugh, I mean I was there every single day and had no time for anything else. I sort of felt like a corporate slave and if you know anything about me, that's NOT something I'll ever put up with again. So I left. Since then, I feel freedom. If you have any more questions regarding employment with the Disney company or whatever else though, feel free to send me an email!

♡ Last week I attended the Never Shout Never / Metro Station concert at the House of Blues Anaheim, which was dope to say the least. I really was a diehard fan of both bands since middle school and to finally see them was a dream.

This video was amazing quality on my phone but turned to this. Eh, it'll do.


I'm going to dedicate an entire selection to food because I FUCKING LOVE FOOD! Being a vegetarian in California is soooooo perfect. Here are some vegan nomz I've been eating.

Samosa and thai temple bowl at Ahimsa Vegan Cafe. Downtown Long Beach vibezzz.

Steaz green tea (literally the best) with veggie sushi at Gelsons. Ate on a rooftop that made me feel like I was in a Kardashians episode.

Vegan buffalo wing salad at Veggie Grill. Their buffalo 'wings' are to die for. *insert crying emoji here*

R E A L I Z A T I O N S 

I spent so much of my life being by myself. Soul-searching, trying to figure out who I was. But now I realize I'm learning more about myself being surrounded by people. You see yourself in others, and sometimes, you're so different from someone you couldn't see yourself in them even if you tried.

I'm trying to expand my horizons a bit more, whatever that means. I guess I let fear take over my life a lot. I've been craving an entire REVAMP of my life. Everything new. And this time, everything right. I want to express myself through different mediums and use my time more wisely. Do things without thinking. 

O B S E S S I O N S 
  • Sunbathing with clothes on so I can feel the warmth and positive energy without aging, getting burnt, and getting cancer.
  • Female R&B.
  • Black cats with white tummies, which is odd, because I'm allergic.
  • Lavender hair...I've been wanting to dye my hair lavender but I'm iffy because damage. Sigh.
  • Vegan fast food.
  • MAKING A MURDERER. Like, don't even mention this to me unless you want to talk to me for 5 hours.
  • There's Nothing to Be Sorry About by Lana Del Rey. I love the pure innocence and good intentions in the song. 
  • Honda Accords.
  • Champagne, especially when it's free.
  • The Cyrus Family. GOD BLESS Y'ALLLLLL
  • Playing my pink ukulele badly.
  • Associating certain poets with certain moods. (I should make a post about that)
  • Messy buns that I'm actually getting good at and pulling off. Yayyyy!
  • The color mustard.
  • Having people put me in a box constantly and then me proving them wrong by being a badass.
That's good for a life update, right?