i went out of my way to taste you.

i never expected you to follow me around.
now i realize it was wishful thinking to even expect us to run into each other.

you saw me as i was,
and i saw you, too.

the skies were aurulent and honey-like.
i could appreciate it but i could never relate to it,
because i was born from lava -
bitter and astringent.

so i spent all this time retracing my steps,
trying to convince everyone i was coated with sugar,
reminiscent of cotton candy clouds and heaven -
and they believed me.

i fooled myself, too.
but their tastebuds couldn't lie.

i was never sweet,
i was conglomerate.
i was nothing but the acidic coffee they couldn't drink black.
i was for their consumption -
i didn't exist for anything else but their mindless consumption.

so there i was,
getting stirred and tainted until i tasted right.

all i ask of you is:
don't follow me around, don't drink me dry.
just let my trimethylxanthine flow through your mind.