Thanks to Ipsy, Essence Cosmetics and Her Campus I got the chance to attend Generation Beauty in Downtown LA!

I was tempted to take the pink carpet home with me.

What it is:
A beauty trade show / convention hosted by Ipsy.

Who will be there:
The brands you see in your Ipsy bags! Some makeup youtubers wander around too.

What you do:
Basically, you just walk around and get free makeup. You'll also take photos, get makeovers, etc.

Some of the goodies!
What was nice is everyone's lanyard came with a "beauty passport" inside. The passport had a map, and then little tickets for every brand alongside the edge of the paper that you could rip off. So each and every attendee got the chance to get goodies from all of the booths in a fast manner. The brands and the attendees could easily keep track of their progress, too. If you've ever been to a trade show, you know how important it is to keep track of what the attendees are getting! I've seen people at book trade shows walk away with more than they should've been taking which is not beneficial to the brand at all.

Overall thoughts:
If anything, it was inspiring to be around so much makeup. It's usually hard for me to be around so much materialism because I get so spiritually overwhelmed, but it was so refreshing seeing so much makeup on fleek.

Like, you know when you go out in public and you see maybe one or two girls with perfect makeup and you think, "DAMNNNN, look at that highlight though!" All 3,000 of the attendees are always slaying. I saw so much makeup inspiration within just a few hours.

After I got my lashes done with Ardell.
I think next year they should hold it in a bit of a bigger hall so they can have more room for panels, photo-ops, a charging phone / chilling center, food trucks, etc. And almost all of the lines kept closing because there wasn't enough room for people to wait around. I didn't really like how everything was all in one room. But that's really the only complaint I have!

So, is it worth the price?
I think so, knowing how much some of you spend on makeup. The majority of makeup junkies will spend $100 on one makeup haul featuring only a few items. But at Generation Beauty? You get a gift bag for each day, FILLED with amazing goodies worth $300+. Not only that, but you get even more goodies when you go to the booths. I got everything: highlighter, dry shampoo, blush, bronzer, mascara, eyeliner, brushes, lip gloss, and so much more. You'll without a doubt go home satisfied.

The cutest booth - Essence Makeup!