12 Things Gamer Girls Are Tired of Hearing

For some peculiar reason, gamer girls get a bad rep. That stereotype is slowly fading as we begin to show men that video games are for all genders, and that females can actually be good at video games. But for now, we still hear these 12 annoying things from our fellow male gamers. Ugh.
​1. Wow, you're actually good!

Yeah, we know. It shouldn't be a surprise.
2. OH MY GOD. She games, isn't that so hot?

Ah, they figured us out! The real reason we play video games is so men find us appealing.

3. Wait...you really play video games? Like, other than Cooking Mama?

Now this is just getting insulting and misogynistic. Please never say that again.

4. Okay. If you're such a 'gamer,' name 50 video games starting with the letter 'W.' Oh, you can't? POSER!

I said I play video games, I never said I memorized the entire history of every game in the world. Next.
5. You look hot in that outfit.

I mean, thanks, I guess..? Maybe you should thank the artist that created it.

6. You're probably just a 12 year old boy pretending to be a girl.

Let's say I am. You're the adult harassing a 12 year old boy. How does that look any better?
7. Ha, whatever. You're probably fat and ugly and *insert every curse word ever here.*

AWWWW, did my virtual rejection hurt you?

8. I went easy on you anyways.

Would you say that to your male peers? Yeah, exactly.
9. HAHA YESSSS I WON! *explodes out of happiness*

You were scared you were going to lose against a girl, for some reason, and now that you won, your masculinity is restored! Yay! Glad I could validate your manhood.

10. Want all my gold? Wanna be my wife? Let me help you win!! Let me level you up!
I love communicating and working with other players, but will not be pitied because of my gender. If you need help though, lemme know.

11. Wait, is this your account? Are you playing on your brother or boyfriends account?
This is ALLLLLL me, baby. And no, I won't accept your friend request.
12. WHAT, NO? How did you win?

Years of experience, passion and skill. Probably just like you.

Balancing Life + Work + School + Art = HELP.

Balancing life, work, school, and art? AHHHHHH. I've always considered myself a hustler, but I also like to put my all into everything I do, which I found out is nearly impossible for me when living the typical middle class life.

The thing is, I've had a hard time balancing all aspects of my life for as long as I can remember.

In middle school, I remember trying to balance school with my social life, homework, sports and after school activities. Not to mention, I was trying to get that '8 hour sleep' everyone swore by. Yeah. I did it, I guess...

As I got into high school, the school work became more intense, along with the homework. I started working. My social life was at an all time high. I was secretary of the drama club and was literally put my blood and tears into that group because I cared about it that much, along with my acting, dancing and vocal lessons and extensive community theatre shows I was doing. Later in high school, I started focusing on writing professionally. I was doing freelance opportunities and I started this blog which I frequently tried to keep up with.

Then college happened, and OH GOD, did it happen.
How the hell did I even survive? How the hell was everyone else surviving?

Then one night, it hit me. I was in New York watching Parks and Recreation with my boyfriend and the king of wisdom Ron Swanson said to Leslie, "Never half-ass two things. Whole ass one thing." Leslie was trying to balance two different jobs she loved very much along with her very eventful life. I related to Leslie on a deep level, and when Ron said that to her, my life changed from that point. That statement inspired me to leave New York. Weird, huh? I mean, everything was going perfect in New York, but I didn't get to feel that perfection. My budding relationships, artistic opportunities and career felt meaningless to me. I couldn't immerse myself in my success, my relationships, or my work. I was just there...half-assing not only two things, but at least ten things. I decided I would never live that way again.

I'm just always afraid of getting into that loop again; that circle of half-assing everything I do in life and not being able to fully immerse myself into things I do. Because of this feeling of confusion, I'm even more afraid I'll just go back to running away from people and places out of complete fear. I look in the future and it only seems to get more complicated. I always thought I would want to have kids at some point but when I see families I almost throw up at the stress and responsibility. How the hell would I add that into the already-complicated equation of my life? More bills and payments, more jobs, more boringness, more STRESS? Nah.

I've made some profound changes to my life lately specifically so I could avoid falling into this hole of stereotypical adulthood. I know I have to make some sacrifices and I have to struggle. I've been doing that my entire life. But I want to be able to experience that from my point of view, you know?

It's vitally important to balance out these four things in a healthy way. Art is the process of imitating life, so I need to have a life to make authentic art and to write about real experiences. To have a life, I'm going to need to work / do social things / go to school because that's where life happens. That's where you meet new people and gain new experiences. I spent a lot of time leaving people and places to focus on my art, which was so silly of me. I can't have art without life.

I haven't figured out how to balance life, work, school and art yet But I'm on my way. I'm not going to half-ass things anymore. I'm going to put my full self into everything I do, no matter what it takes. I'm going to resist the urge to give up.

I haven't figured out a systematic way to do this and I'm far from succeeding. But I'll let you know when I do.




AUTUMN SEASON IS LIPSTICK SEASON. I love summer brights, winter darks, and spring pastels but autumn is the perfect in between. Autumn is colorful yet subtle, beautiful yet tragic, symbolic yet captivating. I like to incorporate bright reds, dark browns and subtle medium shades. I like to keep my fashion simple in the autumn. My brown combats, sweater collection, and cozy scarves basically got me covered. But to complete my outfit, I need a classic shade of lipstick. These are some of the lipsticks I currently have in my makeup bag that I LOVE using for fall. 

Although I don't consider myself much of a beauty blogger, I love swatch posts because you can see a variety of shades as they are, not as the company portrays them to be. Here you will find a variety of colors that will be sure to fit your autumn wardrobe. I hope you can find a shade that's right for you. Enjoy! 

1. Cyber by Mac
2. Black Cherry by Revlon
3. Cashmere by Wet n Wild
4. Cherry Bomb by Wet n Wild
5. Velvet (40) by Chanel
6. Whipped Berries by Mary Kay
7. Rouge by Makeup Forever
8. Brick-O-La by Mac
9. Polished Pink by Mary Kay

Back to School with Office Depot

Well, the time has come. Summer is slowly drifting away from us and the leaves will be falling before we know it. We are getting our notebooks and pencils out once more, for the 2015-2016 school year has begun.

Honestly, I feel as I got older, I stopped looking at the school supplies lists they provided and started doing my own thing. For example, in high school, each and every teacher wanted you to have your own notebook, folder and binder for each and every class. I didn't like this tactic simply because I found my brain didn't work that way. I just had a HUGE binder / planner for all of my classes, and english and AP US history got a separate folder because those classes usually had the most work.

The first day of high school is a bit overwhelming. You go to school with ten notebooks and binders, a fancy calculator and a huge bag of pencils, and then you come home with seven heavy textbooks. Then, when you're in your senior year, the most important school supplies seem to be headphones, a cozy hoodie to sleep on, and a pack of gum.

And when college comes around, it's like that cycle repeats itself. But when I had my first day of college, I knew what I needed. My laptop? Check. My favorite line of pens? Check. A decent planner, notebook, and to-do list? Got it.

Regardless, everyone finds their pace eventually. They find out what school supplies work best for them and how they want to organize their things. I once knew a kid in high school that literally was the messiest person EVER. He had a bunch of folders with old, crumbly papers falling out of the seams. Yet...he was a straight A student and somehow knew where everything was. See? Everyone has their own way of doing things.

When it comes to school supplies, Office Depot is my absolute favorite. It's great for crayons and glue for the elementary kids, affordable folders and notebooks for the high school and college students, and cute stationary and office supplies for the adults. Everyone in your family can go and get everything they need in one trip instead of traveling all over the place.

My favorite part is not only how affordable it is, but also how easy it is for your to customize what theme or aesthetic you want to incorporate into your school supplies! I chose a Pink Chanel Suit theme. I wanted it to be elegant and pink with undertones of ambition. I knew I could do this because of the variety of styles Office Depot has. They're always up to date with the latest brands and tech.

Here is my Office Depot haul:

To do list from See Jane Work. I always make homemade to-do lists using regular notebook paper, but this is going to help me out a lot. I can balance out all my daily tasks in a simple yet chic way. 
Pastel pink sharpie from Sharpie. Now I can write with pride!

Pink notebook from See Jane Work. It says "you have a way with words" on the front. As a writer and a pink-enthusiast, this caught my eye immediately. From essays to blogposts to taking notes, this journal will be a staple for me.

Glittery pink folder from Divoga. This was a really high quality folder, great for keeping loose papers. Plus, it went perfect with my theme!

All of my supplies in one photo! I feel so excited to get to work and learn with these. I think your school / work supplies can motivate you more if you enjoy them.

My other favorite school supplies? Veggie avocado sushi to fuel up and coffee or tea for those hard Monday mornings. To me, the best way to motivate yourself is to invest in yourself.

Yes, that means eat food and drink you like. Wear things you want. Talk to people you want. Investing in yourself will make you radiate with positivity and start the 2015-2016 school / work year with joy!

School supplies are apart of investing in yourself because it's something you'll be dealing with everyday. That's why I am so happy to be choosing this pink elegant theme from Office Depot and OfficeMax!

Thank you for Her Campus Media and Office Depot, Inc for partnering with Pink Chanel Suit and sponsoring on this post. All opinions are my own.

I Was Enchanted to Meet You (Wildest Dreams)

It’s not uncommon for millions of people to relate to Taylor Swift’s entire discography. It’s not out of the question to say Swift is one of the most relatable artists to ever exist, either.

I can basically jam out to any Taylor Swift song. Wait, no, let me rephrase that: I CAN jam out to any T-Swift song. But there’s a specific mashup that caught my attention recently. On her 1989 tour, she performed a mashup of her songs Enchanted and Wildest Dreams.

Perhaps these two songs pushed into one song symbolizes much more to me. I know I’m a nostalgic poet that over-romanticizes everything, but hear me out.

All of my feelings and relationships can be compacted into the Enchanted / Wildest Dreams mash-up by Taylor Swift. They start off in a crowded room, with me struggling to find my pace, until one person ignites that spark within me. The flames engulfed me and I am absolutely captivated by their presence. It’s like everyday has been nothing but repetitive nonsense until the ‘playful conversation starts.’ The questions grow larger and the charm burns brighter. I am painfully curious and I want to learn more. I am captured in an eternal state of ‘almost,’ an endless period of ‘maybes.’ That possibility makes me feel more alive than I ever have felt, although I am 99.9% sure I don’t want it to go anywhere.

I want to live in the magical state of enchantment, always. For that state of enchantment is a state of genuinely appreciating somebody without wanting to ruin it. It’s basically just authentically appreciating somebody without wanting them as your own or without wanting them in your life 24/7. It’s an absolutely staggeringly beautiful place to exist. Souls can share vibes and hearts can capture unique love without it going into uncharted territory.

You can look up at the stars and question existence. You can talk about why you prefer coffee over teal. You can talk about why you like to eat pickles straight out of the jar or your favorite Netflix shows. You can talk about passion in art and in life. You can admire each others beauty without trying to alter or destroy it. It’s not there for your enjoyment, it’s just there. And you get to be there, too.

But then, it has to end. At least temporarily. At least physically. At least for now, it has to end.

The ending is bittersweet but has a sugary aftertaste. You loved every moment of it and the marks you’ve left on this individual makes you whole. It’s not a forced relationship. It was full of like, appreciation and connection. But it couldn’t last forever, and that was the charm of it.

That’s where Wildest Dreams comes in. You enter the state of enchantment and you leave. Not into oblivion, but into immortality. You probably won’t see the other individual again, but your relationship was always based on “maybes” and “almosts.”

So, maybe you’ll run into them at a grocery store or coffee shop. Maybe you’ll see them in another realm on another planet. Maybe they’ll see you in their wildest dreams, persuading them into absolute bliss.

In a sense, Enchanted and Wildest Dreams are both about relationships that telepathically happened but never officially happened. Relationships that lived off of fiery passion and spontaneous conversation instead of labels and commitment. They are relationships with no ‘I love you,’ but relationships of unspoken love. Not necessarily romantic or full of metaphorical moments. Essentially, it can be anything you want it to be...and I think that's the best part.

And it leaves you wondering. Especially if you’re a over romanticizing poet that melts at the feeling of nostalgia like me.

“This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go, don’t you let it go.”

The moments linger. I think about you sometimes. Sometimes platonically, sometimes romantically, sometimes hypothetically, sometimes in dreams. The what-ifs wander in the back of my mind and that's where they will stay.

Regardless, moments happen. And moments change everything. They capture our attention and open our minds. The feelings from every word are a river into your soul. Maybe wildest dreams are better than reality, sometimes.

It’s 1:54 AM.
Say you’ll remember me.
Don’t you let it go.

The Life of a Closeted Emo in 2015

I don't tie myself to any musical genre or any fashion trend. I try to be versatile on all levels and I think that shows. But deep, deep down...beyond it all...is a closeted emo kid living in modernized society. 

The moment I hear a pop punk song, I can't even deal. My heart rapidly starts beating and I suddenly have this excessive desire to cry my eyes out while twerking.

Living life as a closet emo in 2015 can be hard. It's like everyday you have to live with the pain that My Chemical Romance broke up. But in all seriousness, we are living in an anti-emo generation now.

How can we survive in this generation that thinks emo is a joke? SOMEONE SAVE US ALL. (We would prefer Gerard Way, but, whoever is available.) 

You know you're a closeted emo living in 2015 when..

1. While everyone else your age is ashamed of their "scene, eyeliner-wearing, Panic-at-the-Disco-obsessed" stage, you're still living it.

2.You're hoping your favorite band will get back together or this years' Warped Tour lineup will bring some classics back. Even if they don't, you're still gonna go. Obviously.

3. You constantly criticize modern social media although you used to be the king/queen of Myspace. You low-key wish Myspace never faded out.

4. You get a little bit excited every time you hear a song with emo or pop punk undertones, thinking it may make a comeback. UNLESS it's 5 Seconds of Summer, of course. Those damn All Time Low copy cats.

5. At some point, you've considered getting a tattoo with lyrics from Mayday Parade of Taking Back Sunday on your body. Or Gerard Way's face. Or Patrick Stump's face. You get it.

6. You get mad when your favorite emo/punk band tries to change their sound to fit in with what's currently in. "NO! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR REALLY LONG TITLES AND YOUR WHINY TENOR VOICE? WHAT ABOUT THE ANGSTY LYRICS? COME BACK!"

7. You constantly have to downplay your knowledge of the 2000s. When people say "Remember Fall Out Boy?," you have to just nod before you freak them out with picture of Pete Wentz you carry in your pocket.

8. You wish you had friends that would dance to Curse of Curves with you. But instead, you have to listen to it with headphones so no one shuns you from society.

9. Someone you like will talk to you for 2 minutes and you spend the rest of the night listening to 'Fall for You' by Secondhand Serenade because you low key romanticize everything. Then you find out they don't even know your name and you spend the next few weeks listening to 'Miserable at Best' by Mayday Parade on repeat. How could they leave you like this?

10. While everyone is moving onto new music, your playlist hasn't changed since 2007, with the exception of a few new songs from your old favorite bands.

11. Whenever you see someone in public with scene hair, you want to hug them profusely for hours. FEEL MY LOVE.

12. No matter what anyone says, your Razr and your env2 will always be better than your iPhone.

13. Also, mirror selfies will always remain superior to any other selfie.

14. Seeing a man with straightened hair, eyeliner and skinny jeans is rare, but when you do, you want to hug him on the spot. Also, a huge plus: when he is wearing a band shirt. God bless you, you modern emo man.

15. You are really sensitive. You over-romanticize all your relationships. Music is your life. You are a walking piece of poetry, for crying out loud.

16.. Although you've grown up and found yourself, you hold the emo lifestyle to heart and know you will always carry it with you. The music, the fashion, the memories. No emo kid is an island, am I right?

Fox Tuesdays Review: Scream Queens, The Grinder, & Grandfathered

Last night, I attended an advanced screening of the new Fox shows coming out this September. The three shows they were showing us were Scream Queens, The Grinder, and Grandfathered. I went in with very little knowledge of the three shows other than the basic promotion they've been showing the public. You know me by now, I critique TV shows like it's my job. And...in a sense, it is part of my job. I enjoyed all three shows overall, but let's get into the details, shall we?

Scream Queens:
This show has a lot of hype. Here's why.
You're bringing a lot of star power. Infact, you're bringing in two current huge popstars, Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande. Then you're bringing the ever-so aesthetically pleasing pretty yet rebloggable Emma Roberts in. So, American Horror Story, right? The iconic Jamie Lee Curtis to make things seem more legit? Then...wait for it. Glee's very own Lea Michele with another Nickelodeon broadway sweetheart Keke Palmer?

There's way too many recognizable faces for the pilot of a TV show you're trying to market as new. That's the thing. It's not new. It's Ryan Murphy mixing American Horror Story, Glee and Pitch Perfect with current aspects from tumblr culture.

Everything from the acting to the fashion was over the top. There were some parts I laughed and some parts I enjoyed. And sadly, because of the star power, the show will succeed.

It's a predominantly white show. The worst part: every single person who isn't white is there to cheer the white people on and be their token ethnic friend. Keke Palmer's character was incapable of saying nothing but "Yasss girl! You go girl. Get em girl. Slay girl! Wow girl." I mean, really Ryan Murphy? Why does every black woman character you create turn into the sassy, independent token black friend?

Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande's scenes were humorous and they probably got paid a lot to be in the show, but I really didn't see the point of casting them other than to get more views. I know the game Ryan Murphy plays and I'm not buying it anymore.

This show was filled with stolen jokes from online comedians, racist and offensive comments, unrealistic casting and acting, and a cheap storyline.

If you're making a show about teenagers in 2015, stop saying sentences like "OMG I NEED TO BE POPULAR. I'm going to date a popular guy! I need to be the queen bee!" No one talks like that.

This show is built on the whole tumblr culture of being a crazy bad bitch and hating basic bitches. It's pathetically cheap and trashy. I will watch Scream Queens when it's on Netflix mostly for Lea Michele, but until then..

Should you watch it? The first episode, only to keep up with pop culture and to see if you like it. But hey, if you miss it..don't worry about it. It's a show that would do better on Netflix, anyways.
When does it air? September 22 at 9:00 on FOX.

The Grinder:
To be honest, this show didn't seem that interesting at first. An actor that plays a lawyer and an actual real life lawyer are brothers. Okay, clever enough. But what next? What would make me want to catch up with the show all season long?

Rob Lowe and Fred Savage make a perfect team as brothers and bounce off of each other quite well. Rob Lowe's character is very similar to his character in Parks and Rec which makes him even more lovable.

In retrospect, The Grinder probably would've been better as a film. Within one episode, you saw two main characters completely change heart and an entire case be solved. There was really no conflict and nothing that made me want to watch episode 2.

Should you watch it? If you're into law shows, it's a good parody of that. And if you like dad shows, sure. But like I said before, while the show is hilarious, I just don't see people wanting to watch it constantly.
When does it air: Tuesday night, September 29.

Starring John Stamos and Josh Peck AKA every millennial persons' childhood. They captured our hearts in Full House and Drake & Josh, and lemme tell ya, they are at it again. To me, this show showed true longevity because there was room for the characters to grow. By the end of the episode, everyone actually wanted more.

It was nice to see a show that wasn't trying too hard to be different. Essentially, it just was. It showed family in an untraditional sense without being all modern family on us.

The comedy was of quality instead of quantity, which I think is important in a pilot. Overdoing it can set a series of high expectations for the rest of the season.

Let me tell you this: I LOVED seeing Josh Peck acting again. His usual quick wit and effortless comedic personality was shining through, yet he still was a believable HUMAN. Also, Lil Wayne made a guest appearance in the first episode. Better than Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas combined.

Grandfathered is a family friendly show that can capture the attention of urban millennials and the elderly living in the countryside. It doesn't target any specific demographic. You may not think to watch Grandfathered this fall, but it's what I recommend out of all 3.

Should you watch it? Yes. Like I said before, it's worth a shot. A comedic show with quality actors we've been dying to see on screen again. I can see people not totally loving it, but I can't see people hating it.
When does it air? Tuesday night, September 29.


Big thanks to Fox for having Pink Chanel Suit attend the screening! We loved it. The popcorn and the Rob Lowe shirts were the best. #foxtuesdaynights

NatureBox Taste Test

Subscription boxes are EVERYWHERE these days. But are they worth it? What are they all about anyways? I'm here to help you out on your subscription box journey.

I've tried all sorts of food subscription boxes. Graze Box, Vegan Box, Nature Box...to name a few. They are all different but in one sense they are all very similar: they serve quality snacks to you monthly.

Nature Box is different because you can actually pick out the snacks you get and the amount of snacks you get. You get large portions, compared to boxes like Graze. It's well worth it in that case, but it's more expensive which turns people off. You're getting 5 large sized bags for $20/month which is quality in my opinion, especially considering the health within each bag...but most people, including myself, would rather shop at a grocery store.

Regardless, I did a quick taste test of the snacks I received. 

Guacamole Bites:
Oddly enough, they did taste like guacamole. I don't know if it was just my batch, but my tastebuds caught weird undertones of banana that made it hard to consume. Basically, it's like guacamole flavored fritos.
Taste profile: overly seasoned, banana undertones, inconsistent, corn chip, dry ramen noodle texture
Overall review: 4/10

Jalapeño and White Cheddar Popcorn:
This is the best jalapeño-based popcorn I've ever had. Not powdery and not made from fake ingredients. They use real dehydrated jalapeño flakes so it's actually spicy. The popcorn is the perfect texture and comes in full pieces. Absolutely DELICIOUS. It's like jalapeño poppers or a jalapeño cheese pretzel in popcorn form, literally.
Taste profile: piquant, peppery, smoky, full-bodied
Overall review: 10/10

Left to right: Guacamole bites, Sunflower kernels, Cashews, Popcorn.

Cheddar and Onion Sunflower Kernels:
Sunflower kernels you actually want to eat! They have something addicting about them. Similar to cheddar and onion potato chips, but with way more nutritional value.
Taste profile: bold, well balance of cheddar and onion, earthy.
Overall review: 8/10

Sriracha crusted cashews:
I think I got a bit too excited when I saw the word "sriracha." I didn't taste the sriracha AT ALL. In fact, it just tasted like a normal cashew to me.
Taste profile: bland, chalky, more of a light BBQ than a sriracha, lacking salt.
Overall review: 3/10

Everything You Need to Know From D23 (New DISNEY Annoucements!)

D23 was intense this weekend in Anaheim, California. We heard more news than we would ever expect..let's just say we cannot wait until 2016/2017. Some of this we already knew, some of it was speculation, and some of it is brand new. With the excessive amount of news we got, it's hard to keep up with it all, even for me.

If you didn't attend the expo or if you haven't been watching the live streaming, you might have some catching up to do. This page is all the major news we heard at D23. The film announcements, the park announcements, and some Kingdom Hearts + Broadway news. Shall we?


  • Moana

    The story of a polynesian princess going across the seas on an epic journey? And she's independent and not super-skinny like most Disney females? ANNND she sings? I'll take it! I am probably most excited for Moana. 
  • Beauty and the Beast (live action)
  • This is the one Disney classic that I think would work wonderfully as a live action film. It worked well on broadway, and with the right makeup and special effects crew? This could be oscar-worthy! Not to mention, Emma Watson is casted as Belle, and Josh Gad is Lefou. Perfect casting or perfect casting? They stated two new songs will be in the film, and by that, I think they mean two songs from the Broadway musical will be added to the film. 
  • Mulan (live action) NOT 100% CONFIRMED
  • This has been in speculation and wasn't confirmed at D23, but most likely is happening. Mulan is a Disney favorite, yet I just feel like a live action would be hard to produce correctly. It's a really inspiring yet comedic film, but when you put real people and real places into it, I think it may be a little to intense. The battles, the training, the fighting and arguments, the time Shang almost killed Mulan, the time Shang found out his father died in the war, the time Mulan swims naked with hundreds of naked men. Seems kind of gruesome to me. Also, there's a debate going on in the film world. Technically, the entire cast SHOULD be Chinese considering that's the only logical explanation, but will Disney follow that? There already is a petition against casting a white actress as Mulan, targeting mostly Emma Stone. We shall see how this goes...let's hope for the best.
  • Dumbo (live action) NOT 100% CONFIRMED
  • Same case as Mulan. Are they going to get a real elephant for this or..? Dumbo is a cute Disney classic, but I'm not sure many people care to relive it. Or to see a live action version.
  • The Jungle Book (live action)
    I'm actually really excited for this, although I still feel like it's an odd move on their part. Lupita Nyong'o is reported to be casted, so this should be pretty awesome.
  • Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass (live action)
    There's not exactly a lot of hype for this, but it will be a good filler film for Disney. People will still see it, I just don't see it having longevity. Great casting though with Anne Hathaway and Johnny Depp.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • JACK SPARROW IS THE PIRATE OF ALL PIRATES. I can't wait to see this. I love everything about this.
  • Gigantic
    A twist on the whole Jack and the Beanstalk fairytale, this should be super cute. We don't know too much about it yet, so I'm excited to see where they take this.
  • The Incredibles 2

    YAAAAAAAAS. This film is GOLD, ABSOLUTE GOLD. Everyone's favorite superhero family is back! This is a much-needed sequel. There's so much more that could happen and we didn't get full closure yet.
  • Toy Story 4
    I'm obsessed with Toy Story, and it ended perfectly with so much closure. Toy Story 4 is apparently a prequel to TS3, and is a love story between Bo Peep and Woody. Interesting...we shall see how it goes.
  • Finding Dory (sequel to Finding Nemo)
    This is a much-needed sequel that actually makes sense, just like Incredibles 2. We all fell in love with Nemo, Marvin and Dory, and I'm so happy we get to see more of them! Can't wait to attend the midnight premiere. Ellen seemed really excited about it too.
  • Coco
  • Focused on a 12 year old boy growing up in rural Mexico, this is a story based on fate and the divide between the living and the dead. A very interesting concept, and I'm really happy to see Disney gaining more diversity. 
  • Cars 3
    In my opinion, this is a bold move. Cars 2 low key flopped and the Disney fandom was not happy about it. Little kids will eat this stuff up...but I don't know if it's good for the longevity of the series.
  • Zootopia 
    A Pixar film about animals living life as humans. They walk on two legs, go to work, and wear clothes. But they still have their animalistic instincts...this seems so cute and is a really interesting concept. I can't wait!
  • The Good Dinosaur
    Seems like another Disney filler movie to me, and it doesn't seem to have much of a concept. Still, I'm gonna see it, obviously.
  • Star Wars: Episode VII


  • Star Wars Land at Disneyland and Disney World currently in production. This is going to be super exciting, although I wish they would focus on some of the Disney films that barely have a mention at all in the park. The photos they showed look INTENSE.
  • Soarin Around the World in Disney World and Disneyland. Similar to Soarin' Over California, but you get to experience sights and scents from all over the world. THIS SOUNDS PERFECT.
  • Hong Kong Disneyland get an Iron Man Experience in 2016!
  • Animal Kingdom in Florida will invite guests into the world of Pandora from AVATAR. The graphics is what excites me the most, although I still find it odd Disney would introduce this. Rides, special guests, shows, and lions. Oh my!
  • There will be a Toy Story land in Disney World! This is going to be exciting. I still think a Pixar world would be a better decision, though. This will have a family-friendly roller coaster, characters, alien saucers attraction, and Toy Story Mania!

VIDEO GAMES: (by video games, I mean Kingdom Hearts.)
The Kingdom Hearts 3 anticipation has been too real and we finally got some more announcements at D23!

  • They confirmed a Big Hero 6 world! Overall, people have been pretty positive about what we've heard so far. Tangled and Big Hero 6? Yes please! Let's hope they bring back some older worlds too.
  • If you attended the panel at D23, you get a King Mickey figure for Disney Infinity. Good for people at the panel, bad for everyone else.
  • In Disney Infinity, the ultimate unlock is Sora's key blade that can be used with all characters. YAY! Now I'm tempted to play Disney Infinity..

Frozen on Broadway
Tangled on Broadway
Both were already kind of announced, but we finally got the confirmation. Can't wait to go to NYC just to see these two masterpieces, especially Tangled! The broadway blogs are always watching these cast lists go down, and I'm sure speculation will rise soon. More to come.


12 Chipotle Hacks

We all love Chipotle. Wait, let me rephrase that: people with good taste love Chipotle. They are known for their almost-never-changing menu filled with secret recipes that make our hearts soar and our tastebuds beg for more. They make our stomachs full to the brim within minutes, but hours later, we are wanting more again.

Chipotle doesn't have a dollar menu. They don't offer coupons, that often. And there's really no way to hack them, per-say. However, there are certain ways you can save and get more for your dollar without cheating the company. Let's go over it, shall we?

1. Text SIGNUP to 888222. You will then opt in to exclusive texts from Chipotle regarding their occasional promotions and deals. Here's the thing: ALWAYS participate in the contests and games they send you. I've gotten everything from a free sofrita entree with no purchase, to a free drink, to a BOGO. They send you offers when you participate in their texts which ends up being worth it.

2. The "tacos / burrito" on the side trick. We all know when you get a burrito or tacos, the contents of the rest of the ingredients have to fit. Therefore, you're technically getting less for the same price. With no extra charge, you can get tacos or a burrito on the side with your burrito bowl. I usually get 3 tacos and still have plenty left in my bowl. One of the best hacks there is!

3. Go in for Halloween. If you dress up and go to your local Chipotle for Halloween, you'll get a $3 burrito. In the past, they gave out free burritos and did BOGOS, but this past Halloween it was $3. Not bad.

4. It's simple - ask for more. Occasionally, I've left Chipotle with really disappointing burrito bowls that don't even go over the brim. They will charge you for extra meat, most of the time. But I always ask for extra rice and extra corn. No extra charge, and leaves my bowl a lot more fill.

5. Follow them on social media. I've said this earlier, but Chipotle doesn't offer a lot of promotions. However, if they DO, you will find out through twitter, instagram or Facebook.

6. Get a veggie bowl. Listen, omnivores of the world, veggie bowls taste just as good, if not better. You get free guacamole on a veggie bowl (or on the side) and they will tend to give you way more rice / beans / etc. Personally, the free guac is enough for me.

7. On a budget or not so hungry? Get a kids meal. It's a few dollars cheaper, but you only get to put 3 things on your tacos. Yet sometimes, that's all people get. So...not bad.

8. OR...just get rice. You can get a bowl of just rice or just beans (or both!) for anywhere from 80 cents to 2 dollars. It's good for at home recipes or if you're trying to save. Fills you up just as much.

9. Teacher appreciation day. This is for all mah teachers out there! Get a BOGO for you and a loved one. Go ahead, you deserve it.

10. Watch out for coupons in the mail. This is RARE, and I mean RARRRE. But it's possible. Sometimes when a new Chipotle is opening or if they just need some more business, they will send coupons to locals. This has happened to me in three different states so it's possible.

11. The gift card trick. On certain holidays, such as V-day, if you buy a $30 gift card, you get a free burrito. Get the gift card as a gift or for yourself, and enjoy a free burrito. Not bad. $30 only covers a few Chipotle visits anyways.

12. Just be nice, OKAY? The employees will appreciate you more if you appreciate them. Don't order them around and be understanding towards their struggle. I've developed a relationship with some employees and they tend to give you more if you're nicer. If you aren't pleasant, expect an empty bowl.


I have a love-hate relationship with social media, and I know I'm not the only one. It brought us so much convenience and personally, it's been great for my career and my relationships. I really do owe a lot to social media. However...let's face it. We all get too addicted sometimes. It's not hard to get invested into social media, but sometimes, I think it's super healthy and beneficial to take a step back.

After all, there's certainly nothing wrong with social media. In modern day society, it's almost vital to survive. But we want to make sure we are still living an authentic life to the fullest.

I've compiled a list of my favorite techniques and divided them into days of the week for your convenience. After a week of practicing these, you will notice a change in your habits.

When you wake up, don't check your phone immediately. Get out of bed, have breakfast, get ready, and then you can check it. But it shouldn't be the first thing you see in the morning. When you start your day in a virtual world, the rest of your day is probably going to continue in that world.

Post something to one of your social media pages and don't check it after. Just post it. Don't refresh to see who commented your photo and how many likes you have. Just post for once without overdoing it.

Today, when you use the internet, use it to read interesting articles and current events. Email important people. Make a positive change. Spend more time working and less time playing.

If you find yourself in public with nothing to do, DON'T go on your phone. Read a magazine, observe the world around you, or just talk to the person next to you. But don't go on that phone just because you have a few seconds alone and you don't want to look awkward. Keep in mind this whole "everyone has a smartphone on them 24/7" thing is somewhat new.

Wore a cute outfit today? Got a soy vanilla latte from Starbucks? Something interesting happen to you? Resist the urge to post about it. Instead, tell someone about your experience. Go out and show your outfit to people. Tell the barista how much you loved the latte. But not posting about it helps us learn. Because yes, things actually happen and things actually have significance regardless if you posted about it or not.

When you are out with friends or family, don't look at your phone. Unless you are getting an important call, you shouldn't be even glancing at your phone for a second. Enjoy the moment. AND, when you go to bed tonight? You are free to look at your phone or go on your computer, but not in bed. Using technology such as that in bed makes it harder for us to fall asleep and produces bad habits.

Today, don't use social media at all. Do something special.


After this one full week of approaching social media and technology differently, decide what habits you're going to leave behind and which habits you want to take with you. My personal favorite exercise is Thursday. I think a lot of the time when we find ourselves in public with nothing to do, we immediately go to our phones cause that's what the majority of other people are doing. We don't want to find ourselves in awkward conversations and we want to avoid human contact. However, I think when I resist the urge to pull out my phone, I am fighting the inevitable social media addiction most of us have. I am making the choice to live my life in the present.