Triforce Twilight

singing about turquoise rooms & skyway avenues
i didn't want to leave.

we were alone in a building of 32 stories
the floats were flying past our windows.
everything was ours.

i remember we woke up late,
but once we got to 58th and park,
we saw the snow fall
as the flags were waving.

that's all long gone.
and so is the poem.

unless something magical happens tonight
to save me from the blanket of sadness that covers me.
i'm too afraid to take it off,
because you told me california gets really cold in December.

i'm not thankful for many people
or places
or things.

we were drenched in vanilla twilight,
that song was always our guilty pleasure.

all i want to do is be at hogwarts with you,
eating turkey legs in the great hall
listening to the carols of the ghosts gliding past us.

then maybe we could go to hogsmeade and get a butter beer.

i want to be in
a cold living room
with zelda playing in the background

but instead we are on different schedules
and all i wanna do is sleep.