the { PINK } gift guide!

Gift guides have always been a guilty pleasure of mine. But we've all seen "gift guide for (gender) of (age range) who likes (hobby)." So, I've decided to do a {PINK} gift guide...and we're not talking Victorias' Secret, either. This gift guide is filled with pink, sparkle, & cuteness. Because that's what I'm all about. Let's get started.

1. PINK CHIFFON from Bath & Body Works. This fragrance is the princess of fragrances. It's not the typical overpowering scent you'd get, but it's also not too grassy or fruity. It's beyond complicated to describe. I feel like I'm floating on a cotton candy rose musky strawberry pillow. So yeah, you could say Pink Chiffon is the best. And you can never go wrong with getting someone lotions and fragrances.

 2. This microstud knit scarf from Vera Bradley is totally instagram-esque minimalistic but has the sparkly studs to keep it glitzy for...well, every one who needs glitz in their life. My favorite thing about this cozytastic scarf? It literally goes with everything in your closet? I've been wearing it with things as simple my Mickey Mouse sweater and as fancy as my pink faux fur. It's great for the Vera Bradley fan that prefers simpler patterns.

3. Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask Circle Skirt from Hot Topic.
Okay. So, Hot Topic is loaded with Sailor Moon merch and I want to include it all. So pink. So girly. So POWERFUL AND ADORKABLE. This skirt was screaming at me, "Please. Choose me." Therefore, I simply had to. Those cat tights aren't so bad either.

4. October Stud Earrings from Vera Bradley.
The simpler the earring, the more beautiful. This shade of pink highlighted with silver tone can captivate an entire crowd of people. I would wear this with pajamas or a wedding dress, for crying out loud. So delicately stunning. These earrings will quite literally be your best friend.

5. Satin Pumps by Sophia Webster for NET-A-PORTER.
I'm not much of a shoe girl. However, I'm pretty sure if I had to choose one pair of shoes to wear for the rest of my life it would be this one. The hearts on the heel are KILLING ME. SLAYING ME TO DEATH. It might be pricy but I need.

6. Starbust Strawberry Gum.
For those who love the juicy sugary taste of Starbursts without all the sugar and stomachache after. What an adorable stocking stuffer! This has made me a gum-chewer again, no joke. Delish.
7. Artwork by Tyler Feder
Ughhhhh, I love this girls art! If you want to be more familiar with her, she did my blog banner! I've also bought prints from her before too because she's so awesome. It's fueled with artistic independence and girl power which is what my blog is all about.

/ / / This is a sponsored post in partnership with Vera Bradley and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.