The Cinderella Effect

I felt so deprived.
Not of money or greed or things you can touch,
but of something so intangible
yet something so necessary.

It was I who chose freedom.
Freelancing through every concrete ceiling
and frolicking through every cultural forest.

Is there a land of the free?
Or does it cease to exist?

I am controlled by a devil,
a parasite sucking energy from within.

How can I frolic
or skip
or dance
if my metabolism burns all the fruit it gets?

It's a mental anorexia,
you can taste it in frequencies.

Living bodies from every borough and every tongue -
seeing me as a slave,
throwing their selfish demands at a girl who was an expert at invisibility.

I was Cinderella,
on my hands and knees -
cleaning up messes for those who didn't care about me.

I was living to please,
with dirt on my skirt
and a song in my heart.

My best friend was a squirrel
and that's not even remotely a metaphor.

You may read this and wonder who it applies to.
Is it a general statement to society?
Is it from my personal experience?
Or perhaps is it about you,
the very one reading this?

I write to confuse the minds of those who live in zero debt of the hand but major debt of the psyche.

However, if the shoe fits,
it fits.

(Please pay for your shoes next time, we all know you can afford it.)