My Decisions Don't Need to Be Validated or Understood

Hi there, lovely person reading this. Hello friend I haven't seen a while. Hi there, random person at a party I literally never have seen in my life. Hola to the people I see in the elevator. Bonjour to the people that are new to my life.

Introverts like me try to keep conversation simple when they know there's really no point in elaborating. Like, if I'm never going to see you again and I have no interest in you as a human being, I'm not gonna get that deep. I'm going to try to end the conversation probably as soon as I can.

So when you ask me questions such as, "Why did you move to California?" and I say, "Just because I wanted to," don't assume I don't know what I'm doing. You don't need to know. Stop shooting me with thousands of questions because you don't understand my way of life.

It's too hard for me to explain myself because my life isn't a chapter, it isn't even a novel, it's a fucking series. Therefore, sometimes I keep it simple with a few words because I don't need my life to be validated by some random individual.

" wasn't for school?" No, it wasn't. Not everything in a young adults life is for school. I don't follow a formulaic path of life and there's nothing wrong with that.

"So like, what is your goal then?"
Uhhhh...being happy and living my life. People assume because I moved to a city filled with opportunity that is my goal to be some rich actress-model-director hybrid and that's not the case. I just feel more comfortable with more opportunity around me.

"Wait you live THERE? You work there? You don't have a car? You're dating him? Wait, why? You drove here? You left NYC? You left your hometown? Wait what what's going on?"
Congratulations on being boring and privileged and not understanding that not everyone has a 2015 BMW and goes to an Ivy League school for accounting and has never left their hometown and has never worked a minimum wage job or any job in their life because their parents pay for everything.

No hate, but don't act so shocked when people are less privileged than you.

I don't need a label for my occupation. I'm sick of people trying to figure me out. I work so many different jobs and gigs and I have so many different goals and what I do to make money doesn't define who I am.

I'm sick of having to answer questions with sugarcoated answers because people don't understand. You don't need to understand homie. Exit to the left.