11 Lush Products We All Need

It's almost 2016 and I'm pretty sure every human being in the world is in love with Lush Cosmetics by now. Their fragrant bath bombs, luscious shower gels and natural vegan products can make anyone feel like a queen. Whenever I'm stressed out, I know Lush can save my night. As Sylvia Plath said, " There must be a quite few things a hot bath can't cure, but I don't know many of them." So, let's talk about these to-die-for Lush products.
  1. Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

    I'm surprised if you haven't heard about this bath bomb by now. Sage, jasmine and soy milk come together to make all your romantic bath dreams come true. Add candles and some acoustic tunes and you might just fall in love. Be warned!
  2. Henna Hair Dye
    Lush has a line of henna hair dyes that naturally brighten or darken. Yes, it's for red, blonde and brown hair! It's a nice alternative to the chemicals you would get in normal hair dye. And because it's all natural, you know it's not gonna damage your hair.
  3. The Sacred Truth Face Mask
    Wheatgrass, green tea, and papaya? More like heaven for a health nut. Ask any beauty guru out there and they will tell you this is the best Lush face mask there is. You can only buy their face masks in stores though because they are made fresh and must be refrigerated! 
  4. Dream Steam Toner Tab
    Steaming your face is beneficial when it's just hot water or even just hot tea. But adding a toner tab filled with skin-awakening antioxidants is BEYOND beneficial. Plus, it's one of their cheapest items. 2.95? Count me in!
  5. Rose Jam Shower Gel
    You know how you'll use shower gel and it smells really good when you're in the shower? But by the time you're out of the shower it's kind of like the beautiful scent disappears? That isn't the case with Rose Jam. You will literally smell like roses everywhere you go after using this. 
  6. Guardian of the Forest Bath Bomb
    If you want to feel like an ancient faerie goddess frolicking through a forest of oak trees, this is the bath bomb for you. And who wouldn't want to feel like an ancient faerie goddess?
  7. Icing on the Cake Shower Smoothie
    Coconut oil for soft skin? Check. Citrus oils for that effortless glow? You got it. The beauty of this shower smoothie isn't just on the outside. You'll leave the shower feeling like royalty.
  8. T'eo Deodorant
    There has been quite a debate going on for a while regarding deodorant. Are they safe to use? Do they work properly? Regardless of what you think, Lush has deodorants using safe ingredients from essential oils that combat bacteria and they don't run expensive.
  9. New Charity Pot Body Lotion
    Basically body lotion for the soul. Lush donates 100% (yes, you heard me right) of the proceeds to small organizations working for human welfare, animal rights and environmental conservation. The gift that gives back. 
  10. Fairy Dust Dusting Powder
    Get the highlight of your dreams with this sparkling dusting powder. The moment this hits your cheekbones you will literally start wondering if this fairy dust came straight from Tinkerbell. Get that glowing, fairy look!
  11. Bohemian Soap
    This soap will look beautiful sitting by your sink and it will feel just as lovely. Coconut and lemon oil team up to clear your mind and soften your skin.