5 Shades of Communication // {& how they make me feel}

Being a millennial is cray-cray because we've been through so many sudden changes in technology and communication within such a short period of time. When we were children, technology was minimal. In elementary school, video games and computers existed but they weren't so prominent. Then by high school we were all over texting and social media. 

It seems like we went from VHS to Blu Ray overnight. We're still so young but we really got the chance to immerse in every form of communication. Generations older / younger than us got to take part in the changes, but they didn't get to live it in the way we did.

So as I was walking to the grocery store to get my pizza lunchable and other groceries, I thought about this. When my phone breaks or isn't working, I have to find alternatives. Even if it just dies, I still have to find alternatives. When I don't have wifi, I have to find alternatives. The list goes on.

My phone has been broken for the past week or so and I'm still in the process of getting a new one - so I've had to communicate with people totally differently. It's almost kind of eye-opening, but it got me thinking: how do I feel about different types of communication? 

So, I thought I would elaborate through my favorite form of art: writing.

{ E M A I L }

I always secretly love it when somebody emails me. I feel so 90s. Usually, people just email me for professional reasons but for people that don't have my number, it may be the only way for them to contact me. I low key can't help but smile when I see an old friend pop up in my inbox.

Whether it be professional or casual, when somebody emails you - you know they went through the effort to do that which is pretty awesome.

Every morning when I sign into my email, I turn into an Elaine Benis-Dana Scully-Carrie Bradshaw Hybrid. Emailing is the most underrated form of communication.

{ T E X T }

When texting first 'came out,' people would text about everything and anything. We loved having full on conversations for hours on end through the wondrous world of text, even if that meant pressing the same key four times for one letter. Ironic how now that most of us have iMessage, we only text people when we need something. 

I remember back in DA GOOD OLD DAYZZZ, whenever I was bored, I would send a random person in my contacts a text and that was perfectly normal. Now you have to have a valid reason to text someone. "You on your way? Hey...random question! Wanna hangout soon? When are you working? Where's that sushi place you were talking about? Can you pick me up tomorrow? What size dress do you wear again?"

If you don't really have a reason to text them, the other party will start being suspicious. (Even I'm guilty of this.) Without a valid reason, they are either secretly your mom or they want to wife you up. 

Therefore, whenever I text someone, I feel like a brainwashed millennial. There's really no magic in text. I use to get excited when my screen lit up but now I could care less. 

There's too much thought put into it and I just want people to be real with me. 

{ I N S T A N T }
{ M E S S A G E }
This is a good one. Although it was short-lived, it opened the door for 90% of the social media we use today. I remember spending HOURS on AIM waiting for my 'crush' or my 'best friends' to sign in. Trying to find the perfect picture, the perfect profile, the perfect icon, the perfect away messages. It truly was an art. I rarely have to actually use instant messaging, but occasionally, and VERY rarely, I will use instant messenger via Skype / AIM / etc. And maaaan, it makes me feel some type of way. It's like a time machine to 2004. Disney channel is on in the background. I'm drinking my capri sun and eating my hot cheetos while in my hot pink pajamas.

Video game up in one tab (probably Runescape), music lightly playing in one tabs (probably Taylor Swift), a bunch of random websites in the other tabs, and lastly - AIM.

It's just one of those things that was crucial for growing up in the 90's / early 2000s, so when I actually get to use instant messaging, I start to get those smitten school girl feels.

{ C A L L }

There are two sides to calling for me: one that makes me feel like a businesswoman walking down Wall Street, and one that makes me feel like a smitten young girl who wants to indulge in your soul.

Most of the time, when someone calls me, I hate it. However, there's something so flirtatious and cute about it. You can learn so much about someone through call. Remember those late night, groggy all-nighter phone calls about nothing and everything? 

In a time where calling is kind of unheard of, I really like it. That doesn't mean I prefer calls to texts, it just means it's nice coming from the right person at the right time.

{ L E T T E R S }
As a writer, reading letters is beyond therapeutic. There's something so special about seeing what someone poured onto paper for you.  Because it's so old-fashioned, there's not many social stigmas about letters like there is about basically every other form of communication.

Whenever I write or receive a letter, I think I feel closer to myself. More like a renaissance or victorian woman, you know?

It's organic and I think it touches our hearts with a heavier energy. Little notes I find on my desk or in my lunch make me smile more than a text ever could. A long letter I find stuffed in the back of my closet brings back more nostalgia and tears than old voicemails or emails could. Ah, that's why I love writing so much.