11 Things to Do to Get {Pumped} For Winter

I love every season and the unique opportunities each and every one brings, but winter is special. Think about it. What other season holds so many major seasons within such a short period of time? What other time of year would you want to drink really hot pepperminty drinks, eat soup, and wear a bunch of sweaters?

Not to mention, everyone acts different around this cheerful time. They tip more, say thank you more, appreciate others more. I mean, people should be doing this all year round, but it's better than nothing.

Within this transition period, it can be hard to get pumped for winter right away. But here's what I like to do. XO

1. Listen to She & Him's Christmas Album.
Oh, the precious beauty this album holds. Full of vintage-esque Christmas covers and Deschanel's angelic voice, you will be sure to be left in a romantic, cozy winter mood. 

2. Watch ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas. 
Can't you see the serenity in the picture alone? Vanilla spice candles, soft lights on the tree, and Harry Potter playing in the background. If that isn't a perfect December night, then I don't know what is. View the entire schedule here.

3. Eat winter white bean stew.
I made this last winter and fell in love with the warmness each and every bite conveyed. Recipe here.

 4. Get a winter coat you LOVE.
This is more important than you think. I feel like the majority of us love winter fashion, but we neglect it once winter actually comes because we're all so cold and tired basically ALL THE TIME. But getting a coat you like is important. Usually, they're decently priced and they last a few years so it's worth the purchase. Get one that captures your aura while keeping you warm. 

 5. Let the seasonal enthusiasm roll in.
Whatever that means for you, do it. Pumpkin spice coconut milk and soy holiday nog did it for me. But I also love how Disneyland decorates itself during the holidays. Maybe for you, that means sitting by a fireplace drinking hot cocoa. Maybe that means wearing ugly red and green sweaters. Regardless, there are so many things that are exclusive to the cold winter months, so make the most of them while they're here. 
 6. Use Pinterest as a second Bible.
Mark my words, you will thank me later. Use it for creative gift ideas. Use it for cute lil recipes. Use it for motivation. It's good for the soul and it will make the holiday season just a tad more valuable.
7. Make a hot chocolate bar.
Mine from two years ago is above, but Here's some ideas for how to use yours.
 8. Or, make some spicy vegetarian chili.
I created this recipe out of my love for all things spicy, all things vegetarian and all things chili. Recipe here!
 9. Jazz up your room.
 Dazzling lights, soft pillows, winter dream candles, little pine trees in the corner. It'll brighten your mood every morning and every night.
10. Peppermint mochas & sweater strolls.
Get your holiday espresso beverage, your favorite sweater and take a stroll at your local park. It's not cold enough yet, but the light bitterness in the air will make you feel excited about the months to come.
11. Scare your coworkers with your love of the season.
Damn right. I've been doing this every year of my life to my peers, classmates and coworkers. I'm usually pretty reserved because #introvert, but when it comes to Christmas? I GO CRAZY. You get a present. Your cousin's girlfriends mom gets a present. Your teachers dog's best friend get a present. Christmas music everywhere. Smiling 24/7. Do not underestimate my love for winter. Just the other day at Disneyland I was walking on stage basically shouting out of pure excitement because the lights were up in California Adventure and my coworkers were like "Okay..."