You First Recap + imPRESS Nails + Italian Sauce Recipe!

That's a mouthful, huh?

I recently was gifted You First by Lea Michele and was jumping up and down with excitement! Lea has always been one of my role models for years. As a performer to a PR girl, her career is on fleek.

You First is literally a journal. There's not much narrative or much writing at all in it - which made me confused as to why her face was attached to the cover.

Regardless, it's not a bad buy if you're looking to go through a stage of self-improvement. And...aren't we all?

Here are the sections:

Diet and Nutrition

Role Models
Mind-expanding Challenges

Romantic Relationships

Charity and Giving Back


Although I skimmed through and read all the questions, I'm currently at the YOU section, talking all about my roots and fitness. One of the activities was to write down a secret family recipe, so I thought, why not? My family comes from Italy - which means there's a lot of pasta recipes. Spoiler alert: IT'S DELICIOUS.

This is my grandpa's pasta sauce that he was really proud of. 

3 cans of whole tomatoes (can them yourself if you can!)
2 cloves garlic
olive oil
chopped parsley
fresh basil
handful of parmesan cheese
3 teaspoons sugar
a whole lotta crushed red pepper


Also, my nails are from imPRESS nails, you can check them out here! You can get it at places like Walgreens or Walmart. They're super easy to use with no glue, no drying time, and zero mess. Their ultra hold technology actually keeps the nails on for a long period of time - which is AWESOME. 



Maria Elena