What Being a Blogger is Really Like

I never know how to tell people I'm a blogger. 

"So, Maria, what do you do in your free time? What are your goals? What is your hobby? Your passions? Where do you see yourself in a few years?"
...Blogging, blogging, blogging, blogging and blogging.

But it's never that simple. I can't just come out and say that.

Some people have no idea what a blogger is. Some people don't view it as a career. And even those who do, don't really understand what being a blogger really means.

It's hard to describe, you know? 

I created my blog so I could have an artistic platform for my thoughts and experiences and so I could live my life inspiring others, but everyone blogs for different reasons. Not to mention different subjects, with a different audience. There's a lot of gray areas and misconceptions. 

Here are the biggest misconceptions about bloggers:

1. That we barely do any work. In some cases, this is true. (AKA celebrity bloggers who hire people to write and work for them)

But if somebody has their own blog they run by themselves, they are most likely putting work and effort into their blog daily. I know everyday I am writing, thinking of ideas, taking pictures, taking notes, etc. A day doesn't go by where I don't think about my blog in some shape or form. Everything becomes an artistic experience. It's not like we just put together a post in under 5 minutes and call it a day. Everything is carefully curated. It's much more than just the blog, too. It's email, social media, and constantly thinking about what's next.

2. That we are LOADED with money. Sure, celeb bloggers are. The top vloggers of youtube like Tyler Oakley and Zoella are. But this really depends. MOST bloggers / vloggers do different gigs and jobs, so all their income isn't coming just from one source. We obviously showcase the most interesting and best parts of our life, but the majority of us aren't rolling in gold. 

3. That we are barely getting by, living paycheck to paycheck. This is also not true. We either have another source of income, or we are making money from ads, product placement,  collaborations, writing on the side, etc. And some people don't make money from blogging at all, but that doesn't mean they are homeless. For all you know they could be a surgeon on the side!

4. That we lie about how we feel. I think this misconception comes from blogger trends. Honesty is important if you want an audience with longevity, but not every blogger follows this. "Oh my gosh I love florals! This recipe is DELISH. This brand is AMAZING. This album is 10/10." I try to keep my blog mostly positive, but you have to be honest about your experiences or you will just turn into a flogger. (fake blogger.) Nobody wants to hear about how much you love everything in the world all the time.

5. That we are freeloaders. The secret is out. Yes, bloggers / vloggers do get sent free products to try out and feature on their social media and blog. But the best internet personalities space out their product placement. You want to put out genuine content that actually matters instead of product review after product review. And, most importantly, you want to only feature products you ACTUALLY LIKE OR CARE ABOUT. I love trying out new products, but at the end of the day, I blog because I love writing, not for free skin cream.

6. That we have it easy. Like I stated before, bloggers showcase the most interesting parts of their life. Most bloggers have part time jobs, are a student, a mother, or something along those lines. On top of that, a blogger has a CRAZY schedule. I have to find time every week to wind down and get down to business. Our instagram pictures may show flowers, lattes and cute lacy dresses - but our lives are filled with stress. I read a Complex article last week stating that the average blogger works 100 hours a week. I don't doubt that at all. Imagine working that much on top of the life you already have? It ain't easy.