The October Ipsy Glam Bag! {excitement}

Out of the spur of the moment, I decided to order my first Ipsy bag. Let's take a look!

This is the look I did with the matte liquid lipstick, black pencil eyeliner and pumpkin facial scrub from October's Ipsy Glam Bag! Not bad for a girl who has no idea what she's doing when it comes to makeup.

It features: 
Pumpkin facial scrub by Peter Lamas
This stuff is to die for. A natural light brown transparent scrub with exfoliating power that doesn't leave you dry. And OH EM GEE, the pumpkin scent is to die for. I kept rubbing it near my nose so I could smell it. But seriously, you could actually feel it making your skin soft.
Black eyeliner by Coastal Scents
Nothing to rave about, nothing to complain about. I don't use eyeliner too often, and if I do, it's usually not pencil. But for what it is, it's fine.
Coconut hand cream from Delectable
Smells like coconut cream pie. Feels like coconut cream pie. I'm starting to think it might be liquified coconut cream pie in a bottle.
Gel navy blue nail polish from AURORA
While it was a fun choice to add this to the October bag, I wish the items were more themed. This could've been a nice shade of orange. 
Matte liquid lipstick by TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes
Love love love! As much as I've always admired matte lipsticks, I never actually had the guts to purchase one. This stayed on my lips all night, even after eating 3,000 calories of popcorn. 
Gold clutch
I am head over heels for the size and simple gold/black color scheme of this clutch. You can use it for makeup, your keys/phone, or...a bunch of hot sauce packets like me.


Ipsy is only $10 a month and it truly is always a surprise. It makes you feel like a little girl again! It's like Christmas every month! I don't know if I'm gonna continue to subscribe because I like to spend money on food and travel and more food, but I find it super tempting to stay. For all the sample sized and full sized products you get, I don't see why not to subscribe. And if you don't find use for a product you get? Use it as a gift! 

I'd like to see Ipsy gear their bags with more of a theme based on seasons, current events, and holidays and I would like Ipsy to try to make the bags a bit more personalized. Other than that, what they do is great. Check out their site here!