When I'm having a bad day, memes save my life. 

The meme that I've been obsessed with lately is the #growingupshady meme. I was conditioned to be ashamed of my inevitable shadiness but this meme makes me proudly embrace the sass inside of me.

Here are some of my favorites, so you can understand the general theme:

People are prone to act like talking about people is a bad thing. Like any form of gossip is the worst thing anyone could ever do. When in reality, everyone does it. It's how you do it that matters.

I've learned to do it with pride and own up to everything I say. So if I'm gonna talk shit, I am prepared to face it and get hit. In other words, I would never talk shit about somebody and then be their best friend the next day. Not in my character. However, if I say "Wow, I can't believe Bob drunkenly hit on his best friends girlfriend!," and Bob finds out I said that...

I'm gonna be like, "Yeah, Bob. I said that. And?"

I like having metaphorical tea parties. I like having intellectual conversations about people and their decisions. But when I throw shade, it's never looking down on a person. I'm real witchu. I'm straight up. Most of the time, it's all fun and games. But #GrowingUpShady makes life a little bit more interesting.

I remember in a literature class I had a while back, we were talking about how often we gossip about other individuals. The entire class all reacted as if they never said a word about anyone in their entire lives. I knew everyone in the class quite well, so I said, "Okay. I'm gonna talk about the elephant in the room here: YOU ALL TALK ABOUT PEOPLE. I've heard you all talk about people. Infact, you've all gossiped about each other. It's not a bad thing. Things happen and people talk about it. Not in a negative sense, but just because it happened." Everyone nervously laughed but ended up agreeing.

We need to think about the society we live in. Art is about PEOPLE. The media talks about PEOPLE. You can't really get away with talking about anything unless it involves people. So why do we look down on shady individuals like myself?

I guess I like having juice. I love me some pipin hot tea. Although I always was the innocent / quiet type, I always knew everything. Like Gretchen Weiners, my hair was full of secrets. Except this time around...I'm not ashamed.