18 People That Don't Know I Love Them

Love is a strong word. But I use it a lot because I love a lot of people. I’m not in love with all of these people. I don’t feel an intense deep connection to all of these people. I don’t want to marry these people. But I do feel something towards these people, and it is love. Maybe not the love we hear about in fairytales or even the unconditional love we hear about in reality shows.

But it’s love, it’s appreciation, it’s connection, it’s empathy, it’s affection, it’s friendship.
And that’s a type of love.

I probably wouldn’t walk up to these people and tell them I love them. But I can write about it.

The boy that was raised plagued with drugs and alcohol from single digits and grew strong enough to break out of that. To this day, I never met someone that smells better than you. I don’t understand. But other than that, I want to hug you. You’re perfect.

The guy that lived his life for others, always smiling through it all. The king of every room he walked into - no one shined greater than him. I pray his versatile soul and bright aura will bring him purpose.

The woman that is the definition of ‘God knows I tried.’ Her life was hard on her and it shows. Yet when I talk to this woman, I can see the glimmer in her eyes. I want her to know that none of the misfortune in her life is her fault.

The old man that works at the Ben and Jerrys down the street. He is sweeter than any flavor of ice cream they serve there. I really hope he can retire soon.

The man that never truly lived up to his potential and regrets almost all of his choices. He finds himself in poetry and literature, but holds himself back in reality. Youth and passion will always be within you.

The girl who was always my friend but never my best friend. From cuddling to overeating, we were literally the cutest. If we matured together, we would never grow apart. But it didn’t work out like that, did it? I still think you’re one of the most awesome people placed on this Earth, just saying.

The guy that oddly symbolizes an entire era of my life. He symbolizes what could have been but what never will be. When I think of him, I think of a city. I think ‘what if.’ And I will always wonder. He probably doesn’t even know I care about him at all, though.

The woman who introduced me to an entire world of art but then ran away for her own good. You showed me how much potential I have and I showed you how much life you have in you. We both had to leave the world of art we created for ourselves. It’s better to burn out instead of fade away, right?

The woman that ne- okay. I’m just going to say the name of this person: Taylor Swift. I love you.

The boy who I grew up with that ended up betraying me. I can’t believe you would trash me after everything we’ve been through. But if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, I’m still here. Whether that be in our virtual world or our real world, I’ll be there.

The guy who was plagued with depression, bad hygiene and a lack of motivation. You were the butt of everyone’s jokes but I never cared because I knew how real you were. I’ll always feel that way about you. I still consider you my best friend.

To the craziest girl I know, I respect you more than most. You pushed me to limits I still can’t believe I crossed. But you opened up a part of me I probably would’ve kept shut. Is it weird I still remember your birthday every year?

The man who believed in me when I was vulnerable. I was told I wasn’t good enough, but you told me I was good enough and made me work on the things I needed improvement on. To this day, I remember everything you told me and it’s helped me grow as a performer.

The girl who is the epitome of fireflies, starry skies and lullabies. You are magical fairy princess and you deserve the world. That summer we spent together was beautiful, wasn’t it?

The woman whose body failed her but she did her best to find the silver lining in everything. Your situation is really unfortunate but I want you to know I will do anything I can to get you through it.

The guy who grew up to be like a brother to me. Who knew a nerdy freshmen would be able to make a badass senior laugh so hard? I know you’ll always be in my life because we’re basically related now, but I hope someday we can get back what we used to have.

To the girl who’s been in and out of my life for basically forever. You know who you are, and you know I got your back. We’ve seen each other at every stage of our lives and that’s not something everyone can say. Never let go of that effortless charm you have.

To the guy who taught me so much about discrimination based on race and gender without even trying. But on top of that, you made me laugh during the hardest time of my life. Like, literally, I remember having to hold in laughter because you made me laugh that much. That’s talent, man.

To each and every one of you:
Thank you. But don’t get too conceited. I love you...as a friend. Well, maybe. Leave me alone. I just have an immense amount of appreciation towards you. I’m an emotional person, okay? I love you. Bye.