Tuesday Obsession: Earth Balance ♡

Today, lets talk about vegan snacks for lazy people. In other words, let's talk about Earth Balance. 100% plant based, non-GMO, vegan brand full of deliciousness. At this point, I've basically tried all of their products...but here are some of my favorite to name a few.
Okay, their butter is AMAZING. I add it to everything with zero guilt knowing it's vegan, organic, and actually healthy. It's full of that sweet yet salty flavor that keeps you coming back for more, hence why I love adding it to toast in the morning. NOM.

The mac and cheese has a very sharp flavor to it and has the same texture as Kraft. It's made the same exact way, too. For me, the first few bites were delectable, yet after a while, I got sick of the taste. It's very strong yet in an odd way. 

Earth Balance also has a line of vegan chips, cheddar crackers and popcorn. I would recommend them all for sure, but the vegan sour cream & onion kettle chips are my favorite. A crunchy yet flaky texture, a strong flavor that doesn't even seem like it's veganized, and it surprisingly fills you up fast. It can be expensive, but if you're vegan and you're looking for a snack, I recommend these or the cheddar squares.

You can find Earth Balance butters in basically any grocery store. Their other products are usually only sold at Whole Foods and other health stores. 

Earth Balance is the reason I will literally never use butter again. Unless it's their vegan 'butter' of course...