Simply Dress: Red Carpet Inspiration

Every time I watch the Emmys, I become obsessed with fashion. It's one of my dreams to attend an award show just so I can style my outfit. Award show season brings out the stylist in me.

With all of this in mind, I thought I would compile a collage of my four favorite dresses from Simply Dress.

They offer prom/homecoming dresses, wedding dresses, red carpet dresses, etc. Their dresses are all really versatile. From your typical over-the-top neon princess prom dresses...all the way to regal classic gowns.

Even their wedding dresses are affordable and elegantly unique. This is one of my favorite wedding dresses from Simply Dress. It looks like something a medieval bride would wear - except it's modernized, of course.

The aesthetic I want when it comes to dresses, you ask?
Dark and lacy romantic reds - reminiscent of ancient balls and New York nights.
Glittery golds mixed with neutral tones of beige and silver, shimmering their way through even the largest of crowds. 
Fitted waists, meshed tops, flowing bottoms, gracing the floor with each and every loud step, embracing the enchantment to come.

I miss that feeling. And If I have a special occasion coming up, you'll find me browsing Simply Dress for hours...