The Life of a Closeted Emo in 2015

I don't tie myself to any musical genre or any fashion trend. I try to be versatile on all levels and I think that shows. But deep, deep down...beyond it a closeted emo kid living in modernized society. 

The moment I hear a pop punk song, I can't even deal. My heart rapidly starts beating and I suddenly have this excessive desire to cry my eyes out while twerking.

Living life as a closet emo in 2015 can be hard. It's like everyday you have to live with the pain that My Chemical Romance broke up. But in all seriousness, we are living in an anti-emo generation now.

How can we survive in this generation that thinks emo is a joke? SOMEONE SAVE US ALL. (We would prefer Gerard Way, but, whoever is available.) 

You know you're a closeted emo living in 2015 when..

1. While everyone else your age is ashamed of their "scene, eyeliner-wearing, Panic-at-the-Disco-obsessed" stage, you're still living it.

2.You're hoping your favorite band will get back together or this years' Warped Tour lineup will bring some classics back. Even if they don't, you're still gonna go. Obviously.

3. You constantly criticize modern social media although you used to be the king/queen of Myspace. You low-key wish Myspace never faded out.

4. You get a little bit excited every time you hear a song with emo or pop punk undertones, thinking it may make a comeback. UNLESS it's 5 Seconds of Summer, of course. Those damn All Time Low copy cats.

5. At some point, you've considered getting a tattoo with lyrics from Mayday Parade of Taking Back Sunday on your body. Or Gerard Way's face. Or Patrick Stump's face. You get it.

6. You get mad when your favorite emo/punk band tries to change their sound to fit in with what's currently in. "NO! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR REALLY LONG TITLES AND YOUR WHINY TENOR VOICE? WHAT ABOUT THE ANGSTY LYRICS? COME BACK!"

7. You constantly have to downplay your knowledge of the 2000s. When people say "Remember Fall Out Boy?," you have to just nod before you freak them out with picture of Pete Wentz you carry in your pocket.

8. You wish you had friends that would dance to Curse of Curves with you. But instead, you have to listen to it with headphones so no one shuns you from society.

9. Someone you like will talk to you for 2 minutes and you spend the rest of the night listening to 'Fall for You' by Secondhand Serenade because you low key romanticize everything. Then you find out they don't even know your name and you spend the next few weeks listening to 'Miserable at Best' by Mayday Parade on repeat. How could they leave you like this?

10. While everyone is moving onto new music, your playlist hasn't changed since 2007, with the exception of a few new songs from your old favorite bands.

11. Whenever you see someone in public with scene hair, you want to hug them profusely for hours. FEEL MY LOVE.

12. No matter what anyone says, your Razr and your env2 will always be better than your iPhone.

13. Also, mirror selfies will always remain superior to any other selfie.

14. Seeing a man with straightened hair, eyeliner and skinny jeans is rare, but when you do, you want to hug him on the spot. Also, a huge plus: when he is wearing a band shirt. God bless you, you modern emo man.

15. You are really sensitive. You over-romanticize all your relationships. Music is your life. You are a walking piece of poetry, for crying out loud.

16.. Although you've grown up and found yourself, you hold the emo lifestyle to heart and know you will always carry it with you. The music, the fashion, the memories. No emo kid is an island, am I right?